We areĀ Bandit Fiction, a new voice in digital publishing with the goal of offering additional opportunities to new and emerging writers. Entirely not-for-profit and ran by a team of passionate volunteers, we try and create a community where writers can grow, learn, engage, and further themselves in whichever and whatever ways they wish.

We’re always trying to try new things and seek out new avenues to engage readers, from releasing podcasts to working with literary awards, and we’re always offering our audience the opportunity to get involved with us and steer us in new and exciting directions.

We publish short fiction and poetry direct to our website, free for everyone to read through The Read More Project. These works may be having their first outing, or they may have been previously published elsewhere, with every work hand-picked by our diverse set of readers. This means that we’ll always publish a range of genres, of styles, of writers, and of content. Each week, at least one of these stories or poems will appear on our website, alongside interviews with other writers, and reviews of the latest publications and literary events.

But we’re not all about publishing; we want to help writers and poets to improve, too. That’s why, for every work we decide not to publish, we offer free feedback on where we think (and it’s only what we think) it can be improved.