When Bandit Fiction was founded, some two years and a bit ago now, it was by a group of friends, all Creative Writing graduates, who wanted to learn a little more about the world of publishing, and hopefully make a difference to the lives of a few writers along the way. Our very first meeting was held in one of our living room, where we sounded out about a hundred different ideas for things we could do (we’re still working on a company mascot) and we all went away excited. And while life has drifted us off in different directions, meaning not everyone sat on the sofa that first meeting is still involved, that excitement is still there, reinforced by the wonderful volunteers we’ve been lucky enough to work with.

This last summer has seen a bit of a restructure in what we do; some of our previous volunteers have moved on to other projects, and we’ve opened our doors and welcomed in a wave of new team members, bright with fresh ideas. Below you’ll find a little bit about each of us, as well as possibly a sneak into any upcoming projects we’re working on.

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The Team

Greg Forrester

Greg is Managing Director at Bandit Fiction, and one of the original co-founders of the company. He’s published a handful of short stories, and is currently studying a PhD in Creative Writing. In his spare time, he loves doing themed quizzes (Disney FTW!), watching films and TV (mostly the same 3/4 shows over and over again on Netflix), and reading. Greg currently looks after the design of all things Bandit Fiction, and will be leading on our new Read More project.

Alisdair Hodgson

Alisdair is Editor-in-Chief at Bandit Fiction, and oversees our Bandit Fiction Presents… publications. He is a Scottish writer, poet and editor with an MLitt in creative writing. His literary interests tend towards minimalism, hysterical realism and anything postmodern, and his poetry and prose can be found in various publications. He also has a keen and often outspoken interest in animal rights, politics and cinema.

Chloe Cuthbert

Chloe Cuthbert is a writer and editor, living in Coastal, North Carolina with her husband, children, and mini zoo. When she’s not chasing a toddler, she can usually be found in front of her trusty laptop, with coffee and a million ideas.

Gab Harvey

Gab Harvey was born in 1989 in Turin (Italy) and he lives in London with his wife. He loves writing horror fiction and reading a bit of everything.

Daniel Hubbard

Daniel is a Biomedical Science graduate with a passion for non-scientific literature. He has always enjoyed reading and critiquing creative writing and academic writing alike, and has decided to apply his passions to something useful. He is also in the process of writing his first novel, and has lofty fantasies of one day being recognised In the street as the author of said novel.

Anthony D. Redden

Anthony D Redden is a horror & science-fiction author and movie reviewer. He is based in the heart of England and most usually found behind a computer screen with a cup of coffee. He has also been known to narrate audiobooks and write movies. He has an MA in Creative Writing. www.anthonydredden.com

Jon Kinsella

Jon is a writer based in Liverpool. A BA and MRes English Literature graduate, he has recently completed an MA in Creative Writing from Liverpool John Moores University. Interested in a broad range of literary fiction, his writing explores the dislocation between working-class culture and its literary imagination. Published in Bandit Fiction and Iceberg Tales, Jon is currently working on a novel as he builds towards a PhD. You can find him on Twitter @Jon_Kinsella

Jennifer Elmslie

Jennifer Elmslie is from the Silver City Aberdeen. She loves reading and writing and hopes to one day to become a writer. She enjoys going to the library and loves rummaging through charity shops for new books to read and looking after her cat, Jess.

Lucy Goodfellow

Lucy Goodfellow is a writer and editor from the North East of England. She is currently studying English and Creative Writing at the University of Sunderland and is set to graduate with honours in June 2020. You can follow her on Twitter @LSGoodfellow for book reviews and up and information on her coming projects.

Nathan Alexander Kennedy

Nathan is a creative writing student at the University of Sunderland. He runs the Facebook page Read Stuff Write Stuff where we encourage one another to keep consistent with their literary pursuits. A fan of feedback and eager to edit, he looks forward to all submissions. Every genre is his friend.

Danny Adams

Danny Adams is a writer & poet based in Hampshire. He likes to explore all kinds of things in his writing but generally leans towards the dark, the weird, the surreal. You can find examples of his work on his website, social media & a number of other places in which he has been published, such as Splendid Fred Magazine and the poetry podcast, Lung Party

Tamsyn Chrstie

Tamsyn has a huge passion for fiction and media, especially sci-fi and mythology. Creative writing is her passion and she is always aiming to improve at the craft. She is currently studying for a degree in Classics.

Chiara Pistillo

Chiara was born in Italy in 1994, then fell in love with the UK and moved to London. She’s a reader, writer, translator and traveller. While working in finance, Chiara dreams of a career in journalism and publishing – work in progress.

Sally Shaw

Sally is a fulltime MA Creative Writing student at the University of Leicester. She writes short stories and poetry. Her short prose; A School Photograph has been published online by NEWMAG and Cherry Scones published online by Ink Pantry. She worked as a nurse for 33 years and is originally from the Northwest of England. She now lives in North Warwickshire with her partner and three pekin bantams.  

Madeleine Milligan

Madeleine Milligan is a freelance musician, budding writer and avid sock knitter from Rayleigh, Essex. Having recently graduated from the University of Winchester with a First in Creative Writing, she is currently pursuing all avenues of professional writing and editing, including a full time role as a bid writer/editor for the health and care sector. Her passion lies in the editing of fictional prose and is available for all proofing and editing needs.

Emily Walden

Emily is a fourth year BA English Literature student at the University of Warwick. Her academic interests include media theory, social theory, and national identities. Outside of her studies, Emily enjoys paying flag football, running, writing short stories, and baking.

Callum Cooney

Callum Cooney is a procrastinating poet and sporadic short fiction writer from Yorkshire. He graduated from York St. John University with a first-class degree in Creative Writing and English Literature and is currently working towards a PGCE. Some of his inspirators include John Cooper Clarke, Franz Kafka, and Kate Tempest, whose perspectives on societal strife and quotidian absurdity inform his unique outlook on contemporary culture.

Michael A. Arnold

Michael A. Arnold is a graduate of the University of Sunderland and Northumbria University. He is based in North East England, and has previously published essays and short fiction. His influences include George Orwell and Robert Frost.

James Boyce

James is a part-time specialist. Part-time editor, part-time writer/poet, part-time student, but a full-time literature nut. He is currently completing his degree in English Literature and Creative Writing with the Open University

Ross Gowland

Ross Gowland was born and raised in Sunderland, England. He is now based near to Glasgow in Scotland and works as a freelance writer, a poet and a short story writer with interests that include history, heritage and culture. He has been published in a range of British, Irish and European publications, including the Honest Ulsterman, Abridged,  Poetry Salzburg and Strix Leeds. In 2016 he achieved a Master of Arts (MA) in Creative Writing from Newcastle University where he passed with Merit.

Esther Rowntree

An ardent reader with a particular love of historical fiction, Esther has been scribbling stories down since she could hold a pen. When she’s not reading or blogging over at Clyde’s Corner, she can usually be found exploring the Northumberland coast, at a rock concert or eating pizza

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