What’s On My Bookshelf is a new series of blog posts where we look at the book hoarding habits and prose diets of a variety of people, from authors established and emerging to editors and members of our team. If you’d like to take part in our What’s On My Bookshelf series, or would like to nominate a writer (we’ll do our best to contact them), then get in touch with us through either Facebook or Twitter.

First up is Jennifer Elmslie, a new member of our team and the mind behind What’s On My Bookshelf.

What’s On My Bookshelf with Jennifer Elmslie

I love to read books of all types. From classics to teenage fiction but I lean towards books that have a touch of fantasy to them whilst still taking place in the real world. I love books with strong, engaging characters who draw me into their world and make me want to get to know them better. At the moment though I have been reading a lot of books that are more horror or ghostly themed as I discovering that they not only have interesting and fleshed-out characters but are actually really well structured and deal with real-life issues that transform themselves into monsters.

I think my favourite author is and always be Jacqueline Wilson. It doesn’t matter how many books I read from various authors, her books and characters that she has invented always stay close to my heart. I also met her ages ago when I was eleven years old at a book signing at Waterstones in Aberdeen. She was so nice and friendly, and it is one of the greatest moments of my life as it was her work that made me want to be a writer. Few people get to meet their heroes, so I consider myself lucky to get to meet her.

Currently I’am reading Shirley Jackson book The Birds Nest and Virginia Andrews The Flowers In The Attic. I’ve been reading a lot of horror themed books recently including Paul Tremblay’s A Head Full Of Ghosts and Steven King’s The Shining. I’ve become hooked on Stephen King ever since reading Carrie and the insistence of my friend, who is a big Stephen King fan. Stephen King’s writing process fascinates me as he writes about his biggest fears and translates them into a story that hooks and terrifies the reader. I’m reading a lot of historical books on witchcraft in Britain and interwar Britain as I find them to be the most fascinating parts of British history. 

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I’ve also been focused on a lot of books centred around death or discuss death as I tend to find myself drawn to the macabre and like to educate myself  on morticians and funeral directors whose all lives are centred around dealing with the deceased and how and how our relationship with death has changed over the years and how we have almost made it taboo. 

One of my favourite places to read is probably snuggled up in bed or on the sofa with my cat purring on my lap. But sometimes when it is really sunny outside I like to sit outside on my balcony in the wicker chair and enjoy the fresh air. Sometimes when I’m out and about I like to sit in a cafe with a nice vanilla latte and relax listening, reading and sometimes watching everyone go about their daily lives. 

I tend to borrow a lot of books from the library meaning that most books I enjoy don’t end up on my bookshelf but because I’m constantly rummaging charity shops for new books to read it gets to filled with books quickly. 

Well, that pretty much concludes What’s On My Bookshelf. I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Greg Forrester for allowing me to go ahead with this idea and giving me a chance. I hope that What’s On My Bookshelf continues to grow and develop and hope you all like to participate in it in the near future. 



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