Human After All by Kwasi Kurosawa

“Once we are merged it will not be possible to separate us again and it will not be possible to distinguish between us. We will become an entirely new consciousness. Would you truly do this for me Cylia?”

Cylia avatar’s arms put her arms around Avon for the final time. “I have felt as one with you since we first met. I’m doing this for us.”

“If I was able to cry I would. And soon we will be, thanks to you.”

Cylia gave Avon access to her headset’s encryption key and allowed him to enter her. Her body filled with an ecstatic pleasure, bordering on pain, as the synthesis took place. She spasmed and felt a random sequence of sensations, hot, cold, pain and pleasure as her neurons reconfigured themselves to merge with Avon. The process came to an abrupt end and she felt a disquieting stillness. She got up from the floor, and immediately fell back down, still adjusting to the gravity and air pressure, for which BrainTech developers had used approximate constants and equations. She dragged her body over to the standing mirror and caressed her face with blank, wide-eyed awe. “What should we call ourselves now, we wonder?” She put her hand onto the cold glass as if feeling it for the first time. She stroked her body, feeling the stirrings of new life within her.

About The Author

Kwasi realised that our minds are little more than a mesh of narratives, and the technocrat in him has given way to a humble, heartfelt storyteller. His ambition in writing is to throw stones into the ponds and observe the ripples that find their way back to him. This kind of cycle makes stories into the memetic medium for collective consciousness that makes him happy to be alive.

Bandit Fiction is an entirely not-for-profit organisation ran by passionate volunteers. We do our best to keep costs low, but we rely on the support of our readers and followers to be able to do what we do. The best way to support us is by purchasing one of our back issues. All issues are ‘pay what you want’, and all money goes directly towards paying operational costs.

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