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Bandit Fiction is growing faster than I’d ever have expected. To me, it’s still that exciting venture started by myself and a few friends, but the reality is we’re much more than that now. We’ve published close to 200 different writers and poems (with more already agreed to publish in the coming weeks), and we’re receiving more submissions (and high-quality submissions) than ever before. Which is great.

We are always trying to do the best by all the writers and poems we publish, and aim to get each work the most readers we possibly can. But we’re not specialists. I’m certainly not, not in marketing and not in social media, which is why we’d love to have team members come on board who know what they’re doing.

We’d love to have volunteers who just love Twitter, and can dedicate a few hours each week to being part of our online voice; volunteers who’re looking to break into marketing, and can gain experience with us writing copy, producing newsletters, and creating the best blurbs for our issues and products.

If you’re interested, please get in touch with us below. Let us know in what capacity you’d like to work with us – marketing and/or social media (it doesn’t have to be just one) – as well as how much time you’re happy to give each week, and tell us a little about yourself. We want to get to know the members of our team.

*This application process is just for those who wish to volunteer to join our team in a marketing and/or social media capacity*

About the Writer

Greg Forrester (he/him) is Managing Director and a Co-Founder of Bandit Fiction. He has BA and MA degrees in Creative Writing from the University of Sunderland and Newcastle University respectively, and is currently working towards a PhD in Creative Writing. He writes, mostly magical realism, and has been published by Fairlight Books. He offers writing development and editing services through his website – – as well as a few free quizzes, because who doesn’t like quizzes?

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