Top Five Book Recommendations from My Almost Five-Year-Old Daughter

My daughter is four and a half years old and loves being read to. I think I’ve already achieved my parenting goals. Now only if this continues as she grows up!

There is something special and magical about books – reading them aloud to your child and having your children grow up with books. I like to read to my daughter so I can spend more time with her and so that she can learn to use her imagination. It’s a sacred bed time ritual for us and one that I know many parents swear by. I know there are tons of scientific reasons and articles out there that talk about the importance of reading with your children and how it helps with their brain development and emotional well being, but my reasons for reading out to her are much more basic – the bed time routine and cuddles.

I’ve read somewhere, that you should communicate with your children like peers. So I took that literally and asked my daughter to choose five of her favorite books and tell me why she loves them. And this is what she picked:

You and Me Always by Caroline Pedler and Stephanie Moss

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What my daughter loves about it: Because the dog is so cute mummy!! I really want a dog like him..pleeeeassee??!!

Why I recommend it: Adorably illustrated, the story is a great book to read about the special bond of friendship between dogs and humans.

Uni the Unicorn by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, illustrated by Brigette Barrager

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What my daughter loves about it: Because now I know Unicorns are real. It says so in the book!

Why I recommend it: As it says on the cover of the book, this is a story about believing in yourself and your dreams. No matter what others tell you, your dreams will lead you somewhere magical one day.

Stuck by Oliver Jeffers

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What my daughter loves about it: Did you see mummy? (between giggles) How did he throw a whale up there?? (More giggles)

Why I recommend it: I just love Oliver Jeffers’ illustrations and story writing style. In this book, he talks about never giving up. You may not get what you set out for, but you’ll definitely get something good.

The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt, illustrated by Oliver Jeffers

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What my daughter loves about it: Look at all the silly faces the crayons make mummy!! (lots of giggles)

Why I recommend it: Talk about writing a children’s book about inclusivity! I love the way the crayons have voices in this book and how they want to break out of their stereotypes. I remember writing on a similar prompt, about a purple crayon. It’s a great writing exercise too.

The Paper Dolls by Julia Donaldson and Rebecca Cobb

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What my daughter loves about it: Paper Dolls!! Can we make some too mummy??

Why I recommend it: Well, Julia Donaldson can’t go wrong. I love her Gruffalo series and what the ladybird heard series. But we found this gem and my daughter loved this story about pretend play and how some things never die, and always live on in our memories.

I hope you enjoyed these recommendations from an almost five-year-old I thought they were great reads for children, and I would love to hear your child’s favorite books in the comments so I can find more books for my little girl to read!

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About the Writer

Prachi is an aspiring writer. She loves reading all kinds of books but her favourite genre is Fantasy. She keeps finding herself in her parallel universes. She is a mother to a wonderful little girl and loves to spend her free time reading, writing, dancing and travelling when she can.

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