Plaid by Lindz McLeod

Photo by Tim Foster on Unsplash

Luminosity among the pine 

needles; silken-sided peers. 

They fell him with twelve flannel shirts 

sewn into wings, feed him his own 

wolf whistle until his teeth blubber. 

Good boy: cubbed mouth eager and malleable.

Good boy: fit for purpose and factory fresh.

They take to the skies again,  

having picked clean 

the carcass of a compliment,  

and scour their teeth with scorn.

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About The Author

Lindz McLeod’s short stories have been published by the Scotsman newspaper, the Scottish Book Trust, the Dundee Victoria & Albert Museum, and more. She has published poetry with Allegory Ridge, Hellebore, perhappened, and more. She is the competition secretary of the Edinburgh Writer’s Club, holds a Masters in Creative Writing, and is represented by Headwater Literary Management.

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