Shades of Black Don’t Hide in Shadows by Larna Bobby Lou

Photo by Molly Belle on Unsplash

Black is the colour of my velvet suit Grandmother dressed me in for baptism,
Black is the colour of carbonado, a natural diamond in its purest form,
Black is the colour of Olbers’ Paradox which holds everything possible in the entire universe,  
Black is the colour of my chest.

The first shade used by Palaeolithic artists to express their innocent joy, Black,
The sweet pansy seeds on small plants, silky fur and yellowed in centre, Black,
The milky warm scent, softer than caring, of a shrivelled up vanilla pod, Black,
Black of ebony, textured, ornamental, is the black of my skin.

About The Author

Larna Bobby Lou is a mother to three children, and is trained as a special educational needs teaching assistant who holds a BA degree in English Literature, which was completed with a strand of Creative Writing. Due to Covid 19, Larna is now taking time out of her teaching career to focus on her literary works. She plans to continue her teaching career in the future with hopes of gaining her PGCE secondary school teaching. She has been writing privately for years and has finally decided to start submitting her literary works for the world to see!   

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