new world denial by Andrea Laws

Photo by Masaaki Komori on Unsplash

crashing waves still
seep with your existence
barnacling up my boat to
remind me of your disease

land ho! on banks and
shores that seem to be
losing memories
with each landing

doubting this world now
aboard the deck of an
empty ship leading to you
my ticket never stamped

why do I still tread this
        endless ocean
               this shaky stream
                       this unsettled water
                             constantly drifting to a
                      destination of aching
                senses seeking
        for an answer to it all
and learning nothing

About The Author

Andrea Laws resides in Lawrence, KS, working professionally in the field of scholarly publishing at the University Press of Kansas. Her work has been published in three compiled books of poetry and nine literary journals, websites and blogs. She also volunteers as an associated editor for Bewildering Stories, reading short fiction submissions.

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