About Us

We are digital publishers who believe in great fiction. The bandit. community is a place where readers and writers can grow, learn, and engage with the literary scene. We publish short fiction and poetry direct to our website, always free to read. These works may be having their first outing, or they may have previously been published elsewhere, with every piece of writing hand-picked by our diverse set of readers. This means that we’ll always publish a range of genres, styles, writers and content.



Founded in 2017 as Bandit Fiction, bandit. has gone through many iterations, from producing quarterly issues with Bandit Fiction Presents… through to continuous online publishing in The Read More Project, blogs, podcasts, and now the upcoming Chapter series, searching for the most accessible way to bring great fiction to the masses and champion the authors we work with.



We work with writers to ensure their work is as good as it can be prior to publishing, via an extensive feedback and editorial process, before releasing fiction direct to our website. Always free to read.

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