About Us

We are Bandit Fiction, a new voice in digital publishing with the goal of offering additional opportunities to new and emerging writers. Entirely not-for-profit and ran by a team of passionate volunteers, we try and create a community where writers can grow, learn, engage, and further themselves in whichever and whatever ways they wish. We’re always trying to try new things and seek out new avenues to engage readers, from releasing podcasts to working with literary awards, and we’re always offering our audience the opportunity to get involved with us and steer us in new and exciting directions.

Bandit Fiction Presents…

Bandit Fiction Presents… is the first project we worked on when we formed the company, and it has remained central to everything we do. Featuring regularly released digital issues of short fiction and non-fiction, Bandit Fiction Presents… is our largest and most successful project. it’s through this that we reach the largest audience and have published the most stories.

Read More

Read More is one of our newer projects. We know that engaging with short fiction can be difficult; sometimes just finding the time to sit down and read at all is tricky. That’s why we started Read More, a chance for our followers to read bursts of short fiction on the go through our website, completely free of charge. It also, we’re happy to say, allows us to publish even more wonderful writers and stories.

Partnership For Publication

We’re not just about the things we produce, we also want to offer you the chance to get your own publications out there. Designed for groups (University societies, writing groups, or similar) who’ve already made their own anthology but don’t know how to get it out there, our scheme makes use of our reach to help your publication find new readers. Oh, and did I mention that it’s free of charge?

Sun Story Award

It was such a good moment for us when we got the opportunity to publish the shortlisted stories from the fantastic Sunderland Short Story Award. Working with a literary award is so excited, and lets us experience working with stories from a completely different point of view. If you’d like to find out more about the award, including when entries for next year’s award open, you can find all the information with us.

Work With Us

We’re a team driven by the passion and ideas of our volunteers, and so we’re always looking for new members to join us and help shape what we do. We’ve got a mix of roles we offer, from Submission Readers and Feedback Providers to Bloggers and Vloggers, as well as the opportunity for people to suggest their own roles to us. Think we should have a Pinterest account and you’d like to run it? Put your name forward!