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Featured From The Read More Project

Train Crash by Emily Roberts

She’s meant to be at the movies tonight with Sal and Nancy and Marigold who she doesn’t like. Marigold’s thick as mud and thinks she looks like Barbara Streisand, but she’s ugly as sin. I’m glad she can’t go. It means he won’t have to put me to bed later on.

Plane by Alicia Davies

He took everything away when she passed. Shoved into boxes in the garage. There was only one thing left, a painting of a smiling, rosy lady holding a chocolate bar to her lips. Quite hideous, Mariella, he had often said. They could see it from their bed, where they would lie like two curled up watchdogs.

Unfinished Business by Hannah Hulbert

When I see you now, it’s tiny glimpses. You’re at the office, where I’m supposed to be working, but instead am mostly twitching my eyes about the room, trying to catch you. You follow me on the bus, where I can almost see your reflection in the misty windows.

From Bandit Fiction Presents…

Rep by Gwenda Major

I can’t deny I got a bit of a shock when I first saw her lying there. Right next to the bins. The rep had been wrapped loosely in an old tarpaulin, but somehow it had fallen open. I pulled the tarp aside a little more and saw that she had one leg bent underneath her body, eyes closed, her uniform intact but smudged with dirt.

The Yellow Caps by Talia Maggs-Rapport

After about an hour, the bus deposits us on the side of a road marked ‘Laoshan’. Green and imposing, the mountain looms ahead of us as we follow signs for the visitor’s centre. Walking up the long, open drive, we’re surprised to see a race set-up, complete with banners, a podium, and a finish line.

Swings and Roundabouts by Jemma Stewart

I wrestle a pack of tissues from my bra – the only place to put them, as my funeral garments are short on pockets and my bag is so tiny it barely fits my phone – and pass them to Willow, then Nai. Willow’s been clutching my hand since we left her parents’ house this morning, as though she’s afraid of losing me too.

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Episode Five – Scott's Burial, A Small Life, and Pigeon English The Bandit Fiction Podcast

This month we're super excited to bring these three wonderful works: Scott's Burial by Brendan Shea, read by D.G. Champkin A Small Life by Joe Butler, read by David Gregory Clark  Pigeon English by David Cook, read by Daniel Hubbard We've also got an interview with 'A Small Life' author Joe Butler (who is, incidentally, one of the first writers we ever published!) where we talk to him about his writing processes and the story itself. This episode, as well as everything we do, is made possible by our wonderful Patrons: David Brown, Steven Thompson, Jake McAuliffe, Randy Workman, Kevin Bonfield, Zac Copeland-Greene, Joe Butler, Ryan Walravan, Ola Ismail, Gary Evans, Sophie Raine, Danny G. Champken, Sam Huish, and Piers Pennington. If you like what we do, why not consider supporting us from as little as £1 a month. You can find out more here: https://www.patreon.com/banditfiction

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