We’re very proud of every single author and artist we’ve worked with and published; so proud, in fact, that we’ve prepared this page all about them. On here, you’ll find a short bio for almost every author and artist we’ve published. If you love any of the work we’ve published, it’s the perfect opportunity to find out more about the creative minds behind those works.

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Matt Appleby

Matt Appleby is an interpreter. He works and writes in English, French, and Spanish. He was born in Manchester in 1993 and lives there still.

Matt’s story Babble appears in Issue Four: New Writers.

John D. Ashton

John D. Ashton published his first novel, Crystal Castle, a fantasy adventure, on paperback and Kindle on Amazon in October 2016. His second novel, a dark thriller with supernatural elements called Hunter, was published the following November. He has had several short stories published and writes and plays by his own rules. 

Facebook: @JohnAshtonOfficial

John’s story A Bug’s Life appears in Issue Two: Underdog.

C E Aylett

– British author living in France.

– Progeny of 1990s UK dance and festi scene.

– Travelled some of the world (but not nearly enough).

– Settled in France to renovate a crumbling farmhouse and start a family.

– Hit by a brick and thought it a good idea amid the dust, noise and unending sleepless nights to start writing a novel set amid the rise of rave into mainstream club culture. One book became three. TBP.

– Not known for making sage decisions.

Website: www.thestorysmith.wixsite.com/thestorysmith

Facebook: @C E Aylett

Twitter: @The_StorySmith

C E’s stories Magpie Road and After They Fall Asleep appear in Issue Six.

Natalia Balza

Natalia works as a graphic designer from 9am to 6pm while taking any chance she can to work as an illustrator on the side. She loves creating small worlds through her art, and losing herself in books. She’s a romantic, a lover of stories.

Instagram: @natbalza

Facebook: @nataliabalzadibuja

Behance: @NataliaBalza

Email: natybao@hotmail.com

Natalia has created the cover artwork for Issue Two: Underdog, artwork for Old Blue and NAGEZ-VOUS!

Alycia Barboza

Alycia Barboza is a fiction writer currently living in Knoxville, Tennessee with her partner and their two cats. She is in the process of obtaining degrees in Creative Writing and Cultural Studies and spends her weekends playing Dungeons and Dragons. When she’s not busy attempting to finish her first novel, she watches reruns of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and drinks a lot of craft beer. 
Twitter: @AlyciaWrites
Instagram: @_ronald_raygun_
Alycia’s story To Whom Do We Belong? appears in Issue Three and Editors’ Picks: Year One.

Maria Alejandra Barrios

Maria Alejandra Barrios is a writer born in Barranquilla, Colombia. She has lived in Bogotá and Manchester, where she completed a Masters degree in Creative Writing from The University of Manchester. Her story Luna was shortlisted in 2017’s Bare Fiction competition in London. The Vermont Studio Centre has supported her work with a residency in March of 2018. Maria writes about immigration, in-betweenness and coming-of-age. She writes fiction in English and Spanish.
Email: marialebave@gmail.com
Maria’s story Adalina appears in Issue One.

Bertie Beeching

Bertie Beeching is completing the final year of his English BA course at the University of Nottingham. His favourite texts usually fall into the genres of fantasy, sci-fi or dystopian literature. Beyond his studies, Bertie runs creative writing workshops for schools in and around his home town, Eastbourne, and is also trying his hand at writing for video games.
Email: berts122@gmail.com
Bertie’s story Dice features in Issue Four: New Writers.

Richard Berry

Richard Berry is a Mancunian author. His fiction has appeared in Dream Catcher, and he has forthcoming work in The Letters Page, BFS Horizons and Soft Cartel. His political writing has been published by The Guardian, Economist, New Statesman and others. He lives in London with his son, Kurt.
Richard’s story Turn Right appears in Issue Five.

Samuel Boyce-Mills

Born in Frimley and raised in Fleet, Hampshire, Samuel Boyce-Mills completed an M.A in Creative Writing at the University of Exeter. After spending time wandering across the majestic Dartmoor, he moved to Birmingham over a year ago. His writing is inspired by the time he spent in Devon, drawing upon the folk-law and local legends that surround Dartmoor.

Samuel’s story Crazywell appears in Issue Five.

Ruth Brandt

Ruth Brandt’s short stories have appeared in anthologies and magazines, including the Aesthetica Creative Writing Annual, Bristol Short Story Prize, Neon and Litro, nominated for the Pushcart Prize and Write Well Award, read at festivals and performed by Liars’ League. She has had a short play performed at Theatre 503 and her poetry published in the Irish Literary Review and Bunbury Magazine. She has an MFA in Creative Writing from Kingston University where she won the MFA Creative Writing Prize. She is delighted to be Writer in Residence at the Surrey Wildlife Trust.
Facebook: Ruth Brandt
Twitter: @RuthABrandt
Ruth’s story The Sundance Kid appears in the Pamphlet.

Lynn Bushell

Lynn Bushell began writing short stories in 2015 to support her work as an artist. The following year she won a prize in The London Magazine’s short story competition. Her novel ‘Painted Ladies’ – set in the studio of the artist Pierre Bonnard during the 1st World War, is due for publication in the autumn by Sandstone Press. She lives for six months of the year in Normandy, the setting for most of her paintings.
Lynn’s story Footnotes appears in Issue One.

Joe Butler

Joe lives and works in London, but dreams of living and working elsewhere. He spends his time between writing things, as an occasional musician, artist, and avid player of video games.
Joe’s story Away appears in the Pamphlet and Editors’ Picks: Year One. His story A Small Life appears in Issue Three.

Samantha Carr

Samantha Carr lives in the South-West and despite travelling across the world she feels most at home betwixt the sea and the moors. She is currently studying MA Creative Writing at Plymouth University. She has been published online at 101 Words and has previously had esoteric non-fiction published in Paranormal and Heretic Magazines.
Twitter: @sam_c4rr

Samantha’s story Long Distance Relationship appears in Issue Three. 

Valentine Carter

Valentine Carter became a woman after successfully completing many years as a girl. She is studying for an MA in Creative Writing at Birkbeck College, University of London. Valentine has had short fiction published by The Fiction Pool and will be published in the forthcoming In Yer Ear and The Mechanics’ Institute Review: Issue 15 anthologies.
Twitter: @_vcarter_

Valentine’s story Lone Star Song appears in Issue Three.

Bryn Chamberlain

Bryn Chamberlain is a writer and filmmaker working out of Toronto, Canada. Bryn is currently writing a compilation of short stories and working towards spending more time aboard his boat. Bryn has always had a dog.
Email: stillreelfilms@hotmail.com

Bryn’s story Old Blue appears in Issue Two: Underdog.

Si Lin Chen

Si Lin Chen is an eleventh grade Chinese-Canadian student living and studying in Shanghai. She writes in both Chinese and English, occasionally translating her own works from one language to the other. Dystopian fiction, fables and fantasy are her favourite genres; she’ll happily write anything that comes to mind, though. A passionate Oscar Wilde lover, she also has two cats named after characters from Dorian Gray.
Email: silin_chen@hotmail.com

Si Lin’s story The Yellow Rose and Her Boy appears in Issue Four: New Writers and Editors’ Picks: Year One.

Gareth Clarke

Gareth Clarke is a writer of prose fiction based in the North East of England. He has had a varied working career, including civil servant, filling station attendant, water company operative, factory worker, pizza delivery driver, supermarket worker, and for the longest period, primary carer for his three children.
Email: garethclarke137@gmail.com
Gareth’s story First Night on the Streets appears in Issue Five.

Callum Colback

Callum Colback is a Scottish born writer based in Bedfordshire, UK. He writes across all genres, although Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror are closest to his heart. When not writing he can be found sketching, playing guitar, and chipping away at the ever growing to-be-read pile of books stacked around the house.

Callum’s story Immolation appears in Issue Three and Editors’ Picks: Year One.

Lynne Couzins

Lynne Couzins took part in a free writing workshop in 2017 and found her voice.  Writing brings to life all the people and places she has collected in her imagination over a lifetime.  It is an exploration, and she wishes she had found it much earlier. She also enjoy photographing nature and art journaling.  She believes finding ways to creatively express yourself helps to combat stress and gives you confidence in your own abilities.

Lynne’s story The Music Box appears in Issue Four: New Writers.

Sarah Dale

Sarah Dale is an occupational psychologist and the author of Bolder and Wiser, comprising interviews and top tips from older women as Sarah herself turned fifty. Since then, she has taken the women’s advice and as a result has started a part time MA in Creative Writing at Birkbeck University. She’s loving it – and looking forward to seeing where it might lead…..

Sarah’s story Fly Away Home appears in Issue Two: Underdog.

Alex De Cesare

Standing at 6’5″, Alex’s immense size is matched only by his incredible love for literature. An accounting student by trade, Life after Death is his first foray into the world of writing and one of his proudest accomplishments. When he isn’t reading, Alex can be found on a football pitch or basketball court dunking balls and scoring goals.
Email: alexanderjohndecesare@gmail.com
Alex’s story Life After Death appears in Issue Two: Underdog.

Jason Shan Deechland

Jason has taught at schools in Bath, Bristol, Cornwall, and Shanghai. He loves forests, waterfalls, coastlines, and music. He has previously been shortlisted for the Guardian/4th Estate BAME Short Story Prize (2018) and the Bristol Short Story Prize (2019).

Jason’s story Tangyuan When Rare Snow Falls appears in Issue Six.

Hannah Demaine

Hannah is currently studying art history, but dreams of being an artist herself. She spends her time reading books and whenever possible, wandering about outdoors, making sketches and watercolours.

Hannah has created the cover artwork for Issue One and Editors’ Picks: Year One, and the artwork for You Get There and The Yellow Rose and Her Boy.


Dot. AKA Aditi Saigal is a British-Indian musician and writer currently completing a BA in Music and Creative Writing at Bangor University, Wales. Butter Chicken is her first written publication, but she also has a repertoire of original music that roots itself in poetry available on YouTube.

Dot’s story Butter Chicken appears in Issue Two: Underdog.

Kyle J. Durrant

Kyle J. Durrant was born in 1997 and raised in East Anglia, though has spent most of his life exploring other worlds. He is a fan of superheroes, fantasy universes and macabre realities, though has a soft spot for cooking and music. He has self-published two books – Sanguine Town: Under the Moon and A Drop of Nightshade – with plans to publish more in future.
Facebook: @KyleJDurrant
Twitter: @KyleJDurrant
Kyle’s story Abomination appears in Issue One.

E to J

Laurence Edmondson

Laurence Edmondson grew up in the countryside of North Yorkshire and East Lancashire, received an MA in English Literature from Lancaster University, and has lived in Berlin since 2007. His work has been published by Fictive Dream and the Rubery Book Award Anthology, and he has had success in competitions such as the Bare Fiction Prize and the NAWG Short Story Competition.

Laurence’s story Centre of Attention appears in Issue Five.

Hannah Ewing

Hannah Ewing is a Canadian author from Vancouver, BC, currently residing in Europe. Her work has been previously published in the Pearls anthologies by Douglas College. In her free time, she teaches English and plays with her dog Soup. She currently lives in the South of France, where she continues to write short fiction.
Email: hannah_ewing@hotmail.com

Hannah’s story Honey and Home appears in Issue Three.

R.J. Gardham

R.J. Gardham is the author/painter of City Lights, a visual poetry exhibition recently displayed in Altrincham. He has had two flash fiction stories published by KGHH and is currently a student at the Manchester Writing School, where he is working on his first novel.
Twitter: @RJGardham
Instagram: @RJGardham


R.J.’s story Saddleworth appears in the Pamphlet.

Joe Gibbs

Joe Gibbs graduated from The University of Portsmouth in 2013 with a first-class degree in English and Creative Writing, but has been making up stories for as long as he can remember. He has had short fiction published by Earlyworks Press, Writers Forum magazine and Pugwash student magazine, as well as being shortlisted in several competitions including The 1000 Word Challenge. He is currently writing a collection in which all the stories unveil the nightmarish folklore of a single, strange town.

Joe’s story The Jaguar appears in Issue Five.

Tom Guy

Tom Guy is an English and History student. He is 22 years old and this is his first short story. He hopes to continue developing his skills writing short stories before going on to write a novel.

Tom’s story Carp In A Bathtub appears in Issue Six.

Gab Harvey

Gab Harvey was born in 1989 in Turin (Italy). Having lied and told tales in countless job interviews in order to improve his chances of being hired, he is not new to fiction. Horror is just what comes naturally to him. Which doesn’t help during job interviews. He has been sharing his stories online and in magazines since September 2018, but his blog has already reached a double-digit (not a typo) figure when it comes to visits.
Instagram: @thegabharvey

Gab’s story The Bottle appears in Issue Four: New Writers, and his story White Wall of Fishkill appears in Issue Five.

Lily Hawkes

Lily Hawkes is based in Hertfordshire. She graduates in September with first class honours in Media and Creative Writing and received a prize for the highest mark in her programme. Lily writes young adult fiction and is currently seeking representation for a coming of age novel. When she isn’t writing, Lily runs her own business selling handmade gifts and cakes, she also has a small but noisy dog who always manages to get up to mischief. She used to work in a bookshop and envied every single name on each spine, and hopes one day her own can join the ranks! 
Twitter: @Lilyhawkes

Lily’s story Mother appears in Issue Three.

Ceinwen E. Cariad Haydon

Ceinwen lives in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, and writes short stories and poetry. She has been published in web magazines and print anthologies. These include Fiction on the Web, Literally Stories, Alliterati, Stepaway, Poets Speak (whilst they still can), Three Drops from the Cauldron, Obsessed with Pipework, Picaroon, Amaryllis, Algebra of Owls, Write to be Counted, The Lake, Ink, Sweat and Tears and Riggwelter, with work coming up in Prole and Atrium. She graduated with an MA in Creative Writing from Newcastle University in December 2017. She believes everyone’s voice counts.

Cariad’s story Succubus in Print appears in Issue One.

Geoffrey Heptonstall

Geoffrey Heptonstall is the author of a novel, Heaven’s Invention, published by Black Wolf. Other fiction includes recent stories for Between the Lines and Scarlet Leaf Review. His poetry has appeared in many magazines, most recently Penwood Review and Poetry Pacific. He has also written a number of plays published/and or performed. He writes regularly for The London Magazine.

Geoffrey’s story Pacific Littoral appears in the Pamphlet.

Alisdair Hodgson

Alisdair Hodgson is a Scottish writer of poetry and prose. He is currently based in the city of Stirling, where he is concluding an MLitt in Creative Writing. His writing subjects extend between the everyday and the abstract, whether dark, humourous or melodramatically melancholic. This year, he is also publishing with Adjacent Pineapple, BONSAI Journal (13 Alphabet) and Stryvling Press.

Alisdair’s story Family Heirlooms appears in Issue Three.

Alex Hubbard

Alex Hubbard is a Londoner hoping between his hometown and Wales. He recently completed his BA at Aberystwyth University. He writes fiction and poetry. He has previously been published in the magazine Aber Ink and the anthologies Before, Behind and Now and Wandrian. His influences include James Joyce, Ali Smith and David Mitchell.

Alex’s story The Doctor appears in Issue Two: Underdog.

Patrick Hutchinson

Patrick Hutchinson lives in Greater Manchester. He currently works in the healthcare sector, having previously been a high school science teacher. He also studied Physics at Lancaster University. Patrick loves reading fiction of all genres; as well as writing his own fiction, long and short, in his spare time. This will be his first ever published work of fiction, and hopes that it certainly won’t be the last!

Patrick’s story An Unhappy Marriage appears in Issue Four: New Writers.

Gloria Huang

Gloria Huang is a high school student from Taiwan who currently studies in mainland China. Though she has limited experience in publishing, she is constantly seeking for artistic and literary challenges with a fervent passion nonetheless.
Email: gloriahuang185416@yahoo.com
Instagram: @glohhh1854

Gloria has created the cover artwork for Issue Five.

Seb Jay

Seb Jay is an Illustrator/Artist hailing from the Fylde Coast in Lancashire. After earning a BA Hons in Illustration from UCLAN and spending the last few years working in Graphic Design, he has recently decided to re-enter the world of art and illustration. He enjoys creating artwork and illustrations that capture the seemingly ordinary, trivial or even mundane elements of everyday life.
Email: sebjayillustration@gmail.com
Seb has created the cover art for Issue Three, based on Honey and Home, and the artwork for Lost Time.

AJK James

AJK James was born in South Wales and now lives in North London. He has had fiction published in Cafe Irreal, Eclectica and elsewhere. He is working on a novel.
Twitter: @AJK_James

AJK’s story Parentheses appears in Issue Five.

Jason Jawando

Jason Jawando writes fiction and drama. He has had short-stories published in Aesthetica, Crannog and Ranfurly Review and had rehearsed readings of his work in the West Midlands. He is currently writing a novel and completing an MA in Creative Writing with the Open University.

Jason’s story Confusion appears in the Pamphlet.

K to O

Bryan Keon-Cohen

Bryan Keon-Cohen lives and works in Melbourne, Australia. He practised as a barrister for 35 years, was appointed Queens Counsel in 1996, and retired in 2016. He has lectured and published extensively on native title issues; was Secretary of Liberty Victoria (1980s – 90s); and was appointed Adjunct Professor at Monash University Law School, (2005-2008). Bryan has published short fiction in Australian journals and is married to June, another lawyer. They have three daughters and four grandchildren. Bryan plays golf badly.

Bryan’s story Stairwells and Stairways appears in Issue Three and Editors’ Picks: Year One.

K. Lorraine Kiidumae

K. Lorraine Kiidumae is a graduate of the Simon Fraser University Writer’s Studio, fiction cohort, and the Humber School for Writers. Her work has appeared in the anthologies Emerge 2011 and Emerge 2012, and her award-winning story The Girl In the Grey Dress was published in the anthology Emails From India (Seraphim Editions). She shares her time between Vancouver and Nanoose Bay on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada, where she recently completed her first book of short stories and is working on a novel.

K. Lorraine’s story The Burning Ember appears in Issue Three.

Jon Kinsella

Jon Kinsella is a writer based in Liverpool. A BA and MRes English Literature graduate, he is currently studying for an MA in Creative Writing at Liverpool John Moores University. Interested in literary fiction that dismantles stereotypes, his writing explores the dislocation between working-class culture and its literary imagination and pertains to certain concurrent themes: the variety in working-class identities, the psychological consequences of social mobility, and cultural geography: young people, urban spaces and the concept of ‘place’. Jon is working towards a collection of short fiction before embarking on PhD study.

Jon’s story Knocked Out of Time appears in Issue Five.

A.J. Kirby

A.J. Kirby is the author of the novels The Lost Boys of Prometheus City, When Elephants walk through the Gorbals, Paint this Town Red, Bully, Perfect World and Sharkways. His short fiction has been published across the web, and in magazines, anthologies and literary journals, as well as in three collections: Trickier & Treatier, The Art of Ventriloquism and Mix Tape. He lives in Leeds with his partner Heidi, and children Leon and Peggy.


A.J.’s story Human Safari appears in Issue One.

Sophie Lay

Sophie Lay is a writer currently living in Edinburgh. She has a penchant for the queer and the beautiful. She is a student on the Creative Writing MSc at the University of Edinburgh, and was awarded First Class Honours in her BA in Creative Writing from the University of Gloucestershire. Her work has previously been published in Popshot Magazine and three of the University of Gloucestershire’s New Writing Anthologies. She also has an upcoming publication with the From Arthur’s Seat anthology.
Twitter: @Sophie_Lay

Sophie’s story The Butterfly Wing appears in Issue Five.

Chris Lee

I’m an Irish writer living in London. I’ve had many plays produced in different countries over the past 20 years and have just started writing fiction.

Chris’s story Karen’s Art appears in Issue Six.

Connor Leggat

Connor Leggat is a MA student at Queen’s University, Belfast. He spends the vast majority of his time in his own head and would kindly ask you to knock before entering. When he isn’t writing he is a mediocre guitarist and a slightly above average gamer. Connor writes science fiction, fantasy, horror, or a mash of all three. He is currently shaking the first draft of his novel and seeing if anything good falls out.

Connor’s story Monsters appears in Issue Four: New Writers.

Robert Levett-Millett

Rob writes in his free time primarily exploring the themes of history, politics and the general futility of everything. He is currently working on an anthology of alt-history short stories. Although presently studying for an MA in international security, he dreams of one day making a living from his hobby.
Twitter: @roblevmil
Instagram: @roblevmil

Robert’s story Bonabot appears in Issue Two: Underdog.

Emma Lister

As a classically trained dancer, Emma Lister has always been drawn to story-telling. Throughout her career she danced in many of the traditional and neo-classical ballets: Coppélia, The Sleeping Beauty, The Nutcracker, Giselle, Swan Lake, Romeo & Juliet and Carmen. She now works as a freelance rehearsal director for dance and contemporary circus. In 2016 she co-founded Makeshift Company, a performing arts company dedicated to telling stories through interdisciplinary collaborations. Their first full-length theatre piece, Insomniac’s Fable, premiered in Finland in 2017. She is currently studying at the Open University for a BA in Art History.
Instagram: @makeshiftcompany

Emma’s story NAGEZ-VOUS! appears in Issue Three.

Patience Mackarness

Patience Mackarness lives and writes in Brittany, sometimes in a cottage and sometimes in an elderly VW camper van.  Her work has been published  online by Every Day Fiction and The Pygmy Giant.

Patience’s story Lost Time appears in Issue Two: Underdog.

Talia Maggs-Rapport

Talia Maggs-Rapport is a writer with a passion for travelling. She is currently studying in her third year at the University of St Andrews, and during university breaks, she loves nothing more than exploring new destinations and documenting her adventures there.
Email: taliamaggs-rapport@live.co.uk

Talia’s story The Yellow Caps appears in Issue Four: New Writers.

Erez Majerantz

Erez Majerantz is a Philosophy and Comparative Literature major. Many of his works dealing with the gap between science and the rational and the mystical and emotional. Erez is influenced by Brecht, Hanoch Levin and Beckett, alongside writers like Borges, Grass, and Milan Kundera.

Eren’s story Archangel Robin appears in Issue Two: Underdog.

Gwenda Major

Gwenda’s short stories and flash stories have featured in numerous publications, both print and digital. She has written four novels and two novellas: her novella Offcomers won first prize in the NAWG Open Novella competition in December 2016.

Gwenda’s story appears in the Pamphlet.

Simon Marlowe

Simon Marlowe is an author and artist living and working in London and Essex. He published my first novel, Zombie Park, in 2017, a sharp, witty, intense portrayal following the lives of trainee psychiatric nurses in the mid-1980s. He is currently working on a second novel, whilst publishing short stories, poetry and a political blog.

Simon’s story Fundamentally Flawed appears in Issue Two: Underdog.

Kevin McGowan

Kevin McGowan is a writer based in Stirling with an affinity for Scottish Gothic. He has been published in Fiction on the Web, Literally Stories, Inklings Anthology (Stryvling Press), Peeking Cat Poetry, and Eunoia Review. His short story, ‘God’s Shoulder’, was awarded the University of Stirling’s 2017 Research-Based Learning Prize for Best English Studies Dissertation. He also holds a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing.

Kevin’s story The Elder appears in Issue Six.

Martyn Miller

I’m a 3D Artist working and living and Glasgow, and picked up writing as a hobby over the past year or so!


Martyn’s story The Man Who Sold The World appears in Issue Six.

Laura Muetzelfeldt

Laura is a teacher, writer and silversmith who lives in Glasgow. She writes short stories and has been published in journals such as The International Literary Quarterly and From Glasgow to Saturn; her story, ‘Anna on the Wing’, was highly commended in The Federation of Writers Scotland Competition 2018. She also writes dystopian young adult fiction and her novel, Perfect Memory, was longlisted for Fish Publishing’s Young Adult Novel Contest.

Laura’s story Sunbeams appears in Issue Two: Underdog.

Andrew Murphy

Andrew Murphy was an unfortunate looking child and was often mistaken for a girl, which upset him. His favourite pastime is hiding from people. He is the author of the novel Honest? and the popular science book How To Boggle Your Mind (under the nom de plume E.P. Nutt), both written for young adults and both published on the Apple iBook store.
Email: andrew.pogmogno@gmail.com.

Andrew’s story The Great Leap Forward appears in Issue One.

Jessica O. Neill

Jessica O. Neill is a previously unpublished fiction writer based in Bristol, UK. Born and raised till aged nine in Jamaica, her work is imbued with a love for the natural world, and a reverence for magic and mystery. Jess is also a copywriter, filmmaker, and poet. Her second film, Green Hills – a documentary about her childhood home – will soon be due for release.

Jessica’s story Sonoma appears in Issue Four: New Writers.

Mike Nelson

Mike Nelson is a teacher of English and Drama and lives in Leeds. He graduated with a first class degree from Leeds University and continues to frantically juggle the demands of the day job with his ambition of becoming a full time writer. He has had a number of short plays performed at The West Yorkshire Playhouse, writes and performs in his comedy sketch show The Land of Nod and has published his first novel Mister Mister which is available on Kindle.
Email: mike.nelson68@hotmail.com

Mike’s story Art for Art’s Sake appears in Issue Five.

Andrew Newall

Andrew Newall lives near Falkirk in Scotland and writes fiction in his spare time. In the past ten years, his short stories have placed in various competitions and been published in print or online. His work can be found in anthologies from Dark Tales, The Writer’s Notebook and Earlyworks Press. This year, in addition to appearing in Bandit Fiction, he has been published online by Black Petals, Friday Flash Fiction and, more recently Soft Cartel.

Andrew’s story Wild Voices appears in Issue Three.

Luke Newell

Luke Newell is a poet, author and filmmaker from Wolverhampton. Currently in his second year at the University of Birmingham, his work has been published by the 1888 centre, The Good Men Project and the Heavy Feather Review. He is currently writing his debut novel.
Twitter: @newelly249

Luke’s story Shoelaces appears in Issue One.

David Oakley

David Oakley is a mature student currently in the final stages of the MA Creative Writing course at Sheffield Hallam University. With a background in pure mathematics, he plays the french horn, grows alpine plants and writes about emotionally incompetent people. His writing influences are many, and include Marquez, Flaubert and P.G. Wodehouse.

David’s story William’s Birthday appears in Issue One.

Eamon O'Leary

As an after dinner speaker in Cork, Ireland, Eamon (aka The Gannet) has been telling stories for years. After retiring from the day job in finance, writing instead of playing more bad golf seemed like a good idea. With a number of stories published to date and readings scheduled for this summer, it has worked out well. Stories cover all genres, but the target is to finish a collection of humorous semi-autobiographical tales of growing up in the 60/70’s.

Eamon’s story St. Bernard Spoiled The Party appears in Issue Two: Underdog.

Dominika Olszówka

Dominika Olszówka moved from Poland to the UK two years ago, and is currently going into her third year of BA Film and Creative Writing at the University of Essex, and hoping that anytime soon she will come up with her dissertation idea. She is most interested in exploring what makes good people do bad things, bonus points if it’s set in space. It’s her second online publication, but first in an English magazine. 

Dominika’s story Wolves appears in Issue Three and Editors’ Picks: Year One.

P to Z

Rik Powell

Rik Powell is studying for his MA in Creative Writing at Brunel University. He’s had short stories published and performed in Hong Kong, long listed for the Bedford International Writing Competition in 2018, and recently featured in Brunel University’s compilation ‘Letter to my Younger Self’. When not writing, he and his partner can be found walking with their two dogs through the woods near their home.

Rik’s story Lure appears in Issue Six.

Matt Preston

Matt has been writing for 2 years, he is fascinated by psychology, cooking and all things nerdy. He currently lives in London and writes science fiction and horror in the form of short stories, flash fiction and poetry. His writing explores the darker side of human nature and takes a step outside the comfort of every day situations to find out what could be happening behind closed doors.

Matt’s story Household Chores appears in Issue One.

Jamie Redgate

Jamie recently completed his PhD in English Literature at the University of Glasgow. Not satisfied with the number of rejections he receives in academia, he’s decided, sensibly, to write fiction as well. He has had some very short stories published on fiftywordstories.com, fridayflashfiction.com, and now in Bandit Fiction.
Twitter: @jamieredgate

Jamie’s story See It. Say It. Sorted appears in Issue One.

Thomas Redjeb

Thomas Redjeb was born in 1995 and raised in Berkshire. He completed an Undergraduate Degree in English at Bath Spa University before attaining a Masters Degree from the University of Reading. His love for English and fiction has led him to write short stories and a number of poems.
Instagram: @tredjeb95

Thomas’s story Homecoming appears in Issue Three.

Sammy Salem

Born and razed (sic) in Lancashire, I moved to London after finishing school to join indie band ‘Radio On’. I wrote, sang and toured with the band until 2016 and now work in a bookshop and keep my old deaf cat ‘Mother’ alive. My aim is to assemble what Leonard Cohen called ‘a manual for living with defeat.’
Sammy’s story i heart u appears in issue Six.

Rosna Sanchdev

Rosna Sachdev is currently a student at the University of Reading studying Art and Psychology. She spends her time creating art, reading countless books, watching TV shows or dreaming about traveling the world.
Email: rosna.sachdev@gmail.com
Rosna has created the accompanying artwork for William’s Birthday.

Rebecca Sandeman

Rebecca Sandeman is a trainee teacher at the University of Sheffield. She is editor at @CicatriceJournal and her work has appeared in Route 57, Edinburgh Inkwell, Hedgehog Poetry Press, Llady and Prole. She was recently Ink, Sweat and Tears July 2018 pick of month.

Rebecca’s story The Fateful 28 appears in Issue Three.

Eve Smith

Eve Smith is an A level student planning to study Spanish and Portuguese at university. She loves social realism and precision of language, and she is interested in how context works to shape art. She has written film reviews for her college newspaper and was a runner up in Cambridge University Press’ ‘The Future Writes’ award.
Email – eevemariesmith@gmail.com
Eve’s story That’s What Mothers Do appears in Issue Four: New Writers.

Shahrzad Sharif

Shahrzad has always been amazed by the magic power of art specially painting from early ages, as early as four years of age. To improve the required techniques specially in oil painting, she has attended many courses and classes held by great masters of this art. The subject of her paintings are people with a connection to her Persian culture.
Shahrzad has created cover artwork for Issue Four, and the accompanying artwork for Bonabot and Babble.

Jemma Stewart

Jemma Stewart is a Somerset-based fiction writer. She is currently studying for her MA in Creative Writing at Bath Spa University, and is writing her first novel, which features the characters from Swings and Roundabouts. Her inspirations range from Charles Bukowski to Emma Jane Unsworth, but essentially she writes about being young and reckless (and female). She can generally be found shoulders-deep in a book and chugging gallons of tea or wine, depending on the time of day.
Twitter: @JemKatrina


Jemma’s story Swings and Roundabouts appears in Issue Five.

Chris Stockdale

Chris Stockdale is a former angry young man, rapidly becoming a much older angry man. He is a reader and writer of transgressive fiction and anything that examines the darker side of the human psyche. He is from Ipswich, Suffolk.

Chris’s story Optophobia appears in Issue Six.

Samuel Swauger

Samuel Swauger is an author and poet from Baltimore, Maryland.

Samuel’s story Ninety Dollars appears in Issue Four: New Writers.

Harriet Terrill

Do you feel mediocre? Did you drop your buttered toast on the floor at work again and just think oh for fuck sake I can’t even eat a piece of toast properly? Maybe that’s why Margret’s leaving. I can’t help you, but I could create a story, play or film that personifies your existential angst. 
Email: harrietterrill@hotmail.com

Harriet’s story Pigeon appears in the Pamphlet.

David Turton

David Turton is an author of horror and dark fiction, with his work appearing in several magazines, websites, podcasts and anthologies. Described as ‘A new voice for horror fans everywhere’ by the Gehenna Post, Turton has already reached several readers, with his anthology The Gull and Other Short Tales of Terror, downloaded hundreds of times by fans of the horror genre. His debut novel, The Malaise, will be published in December by Cosmic Egg Books.

David’s story My Father’s Hands appears in Issue Three and Editors’ Picks: Year One.

Jill Vance

Jill Vance is from Northern Ireland, although she currently lives in Donegal. Jill lived in Italy for many years, first in Como, (where she met her Italian song writing partner, Lou Pizzi), then in Sestri Levante, Liguria. She also spent a number of years in Africa. Jill worked as a ghost-writer for many years, not only writing books, but also articles for magazines and newspapers. Jill has published two collections of short stories: The first two are published, The Other Side of the Door and Dark Between Shadows. The third, Nothing in the Mirror, is in the process of being published.

Jill’s story Write Me A Lie appears in Issue Four: New Writers.

Nick Watson

Nick Watson has an MA in Creative Writing from Newcastle University, though he’s a Yorkshire lad at heart. He mostly writes Young Adult, but considers himself a jackass-of-all-trades. As well as writing, he’s a big fan of small dogs and funky socks.
Nick’s story Getaway appears in the Pamphlet.

Zoë Wells

Zoë Wells is a writer and poet from Switzerland. She is currently studying at the University of Warwick, where she is head editor of the University’s literary magazine, Kamena.
Zoë’s story The Anatomy of a Home appears in issue Two: Underdog.

Joe Williams

Joe Williams is a former starving musician who transformed into a starving poet and writer in 2015, entirely by mistake. He lives in Leeds and appears regularly at events in Yorkshire and beyond. He has been published in numerous anthologies and in magazines online and in print. In 2017 he won the prestigious Open Mic Competition at Ilkley Literature Festival and had his debut poetry pamphlet, ‘Killing the Piano’, published by Half Moon Books.

Joe’s story One of Those Dreams appears in Issue One.

Rhiannon Willson

Rhiannon Willson is a second year university student studying English with Creative Writing. She writes basically a bit of everything. Lover of dogs, plants, and stories.
Instagram: @rhiawillson/

Rhiannon’s story You Get There appears in Issue One.

Eleanor Winterbottom

Eleanor Winterbottom is a Literature and Creative Writing student at the University of Gloucestershire. She has previously been published in the Shadows: New Writing VI anthology, and has showcased her work at both the Cheltenham Literature Festival and Cheltenham Poetry Festival

Eleanor’s story Little One appears in Issue Four: New Writers.

Ellie Wilsden

Hello I am Ellie, I am currently finishing my last year at the University of Reading where I study Art and English Literature. As of September I will be doing a Masters in Illustration at the Arts University Bournemouth. When I am not illustrating or making artwork I can be found watching Star Trek, drinking tea and looking after my Springer Spaniel, Rosie.
Ellie has created artwork for the Pamphlet.

Donald Zagardo

Donald Zagardo is a former Professor of Modern World History at St. John’ University. He has a life-long passion for literature and has studied writing at NYC’s Gotham Writers Workshop. In the past few years he has directed his writing efforts toward short stories. He is presently assembling a collection of his own work and is truly grateful to have his Madman out there, for the first time. Donald lives and writes in New York City. He enjoys international travel, foreign languages and photography.

Donald’s story Madman in Blueberry Running Flats appears in Issue Three.