Bandit Fiction Presents… is our flagship publication, a digital anthology of short fiction and narrative non-fiction spiced with wonderful artwork. With each issue we try and do something new; from issues exclusively featuring new and emerging writers to stories on the theme of Underdog, every issue is unique and a valuable addition to the ever-growing world of short fiction. In the two year we’ve been operating, we’ve published over fifty writers and artists, a number of them published for the first time, and we plan to keep publish the best in new and emerging fiction.

Submission Policy

We only ask that you follow these simple rules:

  • It’s a work of fiction or non-fiction (we currently don’t publish poetry).
  • It’s between 250 and 3500 words long.
  • It hasn’t been previously published (personal blogs not included).
  • Your name appears nowhere on the document, including in the filename.
  • It’s written in the English language (US spellings are fine).

How To Submit

Once you’re happy with your story and confident that it adheres to our Submission Policy, submitting is easy! Just click on the link below, and we’ll guide you through the whole process. There’s no emails to send and you’ll even be able to get a receipt of your submission.