We believe that feedback is one of the best ways for writers to hone their craft. Whether it be from friends, through writing groups or online communities, or through paid services, the reflective nature of receiving feedback is often a way of noticing unseen trends in your writing. And, if you’re like us, then it’s also, let’s be honest, great to see what a story looks like through the eyes of someone who hasn’t strained night after night after night on it. What do you mean that doesn’t make sense? Didn’t you read my seventeenth draft which explains that, and which I then immediately cut out of the story? We joke, but we’ve all done it.

That’s why we offer feedback, both freely on request for works we choose not to publish and as a special park for our Patrons.

With our feedback service, one of our editors will look over your work, highlighting key strengths and areas of improvement of the work, as well as a more general feel for the piece. This comes in the form of two or so paragraphs, emailed directly to you. We aim to reply to all feedback requests within four weeks, but sometimes it can take up to eight weeks (we’re all volunteers, after all!)

What Writers Say About Our Feedback

I am very grateful that you took the time to read my work and to provide very constructive feedback. I can tell that my work was read carefully, so I appreciate it immensely. I will definitely submit again in the future.

David Samuel Hudson, Malta

… what’s not so common is a detailed letter like the one I got from Bandit Fiction. The editor combed through the 3000+ word piece, providing actionable corrections and critical analysis. Much appreciated.

Nikki Williams, Jamaica

Thanks a million for the response!  This type of feedback is hard to find and vital for improving so I’m very appreciative!

Niall Bradley, Ireland

Wow! This is GREAT. Thank you very much… I was wondering how to polish this story–I knew it had potential, but something was off.

Glenn Dungan, USA

Thank you so much for your feedback. This is a really helpful critique and I appreciate the time you have taken on this. 

Amy, UK