Feedback and Editorials

We believe that feedback is one of the best ways for writers to hone their craft. Whether it be from friends, through writing groups or online communities, or through paid services, the reflective nature of receiving feedback is often a way of noticing unseen trends in your writing. And, if you’re like us, then it’s also, let’s be honest, great to see what a story looks like through the eyes of someone who hasn’t strained night after night after night on it. What do you mean that doesn’t make sense? Didn’t you read my seventeenth draft which explains that, and which I then immediately cut out of the story? We joke, but we’ve all done it.

That’s why we offer a variety of feedback and editorial services for those who feel the need or desire to have others look over their work and offer their opinions.


Available on request for free for all stories we choose not to publish

With our feedback service, one of our editors will look over your work, highlighting one key strength of the piece and what they feel is the most obvious area for improvement, as well as a few more general thoughts on the piece. This comes in the form of a paragraph or two (no more) of feedback which will be emailed to you.

All information about how to request this feedback is included in the reply to your submission.

*Feedback may take up to four weeks to be returned, but we work hard to respond as quickly as possible*


A paid-for, more comprehensive form of feedback

With our Editorial service, two editors will each independently look at your piece. They’ll comprehensively read over your work and annotate the document, picking up on typos and the like, as well as adding comments throughout. In addition to this, each editor will also pick out three strengths of the piece and three areas of improvement, and provide detailed overall feedback.

The prices for our Editorial service are as follows:

Less than 1000 words


Between 1000 and 2000 words


Between 2000 and 3500 words



Patron Prices



*We also offer bespoke quotes for pieces outside of these word counts – please contact us for more information*

If you’re interested in our Editorial service, the first step is to contact us here to confirm that our editors have the capacity to look at your work. We’d also like you to send us some details of your work (genre, style, word count, etc) to allow us to choose the most appropriate editors for the piece.

*Editorials may take up to four weeks to be returned, but we work hard to respond as quickly as possible*

Please be aware that all feedback is, in its nature, subjective, influenced by personal preferences among other things.