Writing is the kind of journey where you never stop learning; if you’re doing it right, every story you write will teach you something new, either about your style or the craft itself. We’re here to help that. With our Feedback and Editorial services, our editors will help to identify areas of improvement, as well as picking out the key strengths in your story, and will, hopefully, leave you inspired and better placed to write your next draft.


Our Feedback service is designed to give stories a quick boost. It’s hard to be objective with your own work, sometimes you can’t see the woods for the trees, and that’s where we come in. Our editors will have a read of your story and offer a few tips on where to improve, as well as highlighting what’s good about it. It’ll be about a paragraph in length; if you’re after something more substantial, check out our Editorial service.

Please be aware that we offer this service free of charge for any story we choose not to publish.


Our Editorial service is, in essence, a more advanced version of our Feedback. We’ll have two of our editors read over your story, annotating the document with questions, highlighting typos and appropriate areas. We’ll also have each of our editors provide a form which highlights three strengths of your story and three areas to improve, as well as providing an overview of what they felt, and advice on how to move forward.

How It Works

  • There’s two options (depending on word count) per service.
  • Once you’ve purchased a service, you’ll receive an automated email receipt; on this receipt will be a link to one of our Google forms.
  • Fill out the Google form, attach your story, and answer any questions we have (they might help us better guide your feedback).
  • We’ll be in touch via email within 4 weeks of you filling out the form with your feedback, either in the form of a paragraph in the body of the email (Feedback) or attachments (Editorials).