We’re hugely excited to add poetry to our repertoire, and Outlaw Verse is our way of doing this. With this purely poetry, tri-annual digital publication, we want to look at our world in new and exciting ways, we want to address modern issues with language and imagery, we want to explore emotion and understand pain.

Issue One - Politics

Submissions December 1st 2019 to January 31st 2020

Good or bad, it’s hard to remember a time when politics was as prevalent as it is in today’s world. Uncomfortable rhetoric is appearing around a world that’s quickly becoming increasingly divided by colour, race, religion, and more. To some, a passport is more valuable than the person who holds it.

Poetry is the perfect medium for many to express how they feel.

From December through January, we want you to send us your politically inspired poetry. Make it edgy, make it challenging, make it painful.

Make it matter.

*We are happy to consider political poetry of all political stances and opinions, regardless of whether they align with our own political views or not*

Submission Guidelines

  • No more than 50 lines per poem
  • All forms of poetry are accepted.
  • Poems must be previously unpublished.
  • No more than 3 poems submitted at any one time, and for any submission period.
  • Simultaneous submissions are accepted.

When Submissions Are Open, You'll be Able To Click Below To Submit

We use a Google form to accept all submissions, so please make sure you've got a Google account so that you're able to submit.