Bonabot by Robert Levett-Millett

However not every bot is built equal. We have a few that just aren’t up to the high standards of our prize-winning entrants. They might have a few bugs, they might be a bit aesthetically displeasing, or they simply might be a bit dull. This year saw the creation of the least equal bot ever sent to in to our humble tech magazine. Continue reading Bonabot by Robert Levett-Millett

Honey and Home by Hannah Ewing

We took the property out of necessity, and because even though it was a basement suite there were no tenants upstairs, leaving us to the quiet of our own lovemaking or shouting in the mornings. We had even become used to the sound of the mother next door, who screamed at her small children in Mandarin after breakfast as they walked towards the car. Continue reading Honey and Home by Hannah Ewing

Old Blue by Bryn Chamberlain

Contrary to what you might think, Old Blue was not my dog. Blue was the lawnmower that led to the salvation of my dog, who was also named Blue. Together, these two formed the strongest, inextricably entwined cords of my youth. The one, a black lab puppy; four and a half pounds of love, joy and energy that filled my waking hours and slept by my side. Continue reading Old Blue by Bryn Chamberlain

An interview with… Sam Richard

The owner of Weirdpunk Books, Sam Richard is also the co-editor of the Splatterpunk Award nominated The New Flesh: A Literary Tribute to David Cronenberg and editor of Zombie Punks Fuck Off. 2019 saw the release of his debut collection, To Wallow in Ash & Other Sorrows, and his short fiction has appeared in LAZERMALL, Strange Stories of the Sea, Breaking Bizarro, and many other anthologies and publications. Widowed in 2017, he slowly rots in Minneapolis, MN with his dog Nero. His debut novella, Sabbath of the Fox-Devils, came out Spring 2020 Continue reading An interview with… Sam Richard


Brian Sherlock has made it to his early 30s and lives in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne – he was eight years old when he decided he wanted to write novels for the rest of his life.
Chaos Surging, the first part of his adult fantasy trilogy, has been in the works for going on seventeen years and he’s very happy to have published it independently.
When he isn’t writing he enjoys backpacking and eating… but he has no stomach for Krispy Kreme or tinned beetroot! Continue reading AN INTERVIEW WITH… BRIAN SHERLOCK