Are you part of a writing group, University society, or just a group of people who’ve put together your own collection of stories but don’t know how to go about getting it out there? We could have the solution for you, free of charge. With our Partnership for Publication scheme, we’ll help publicise your anthology and sell it through our site, helping you reach new readers.


One of the central ideas behind Bandit Fiction is to help new and emerging writers, and that idea is key to our Partnership for Publication scheme. It’s incredible that people are out there, putting together their own anthologies, working together to help each other improve, and we want to reward that hard work by trying to help.

Some Specifics

  • We don’t ask for the rights to any of the stories included in the anthology or collection.
  • We don’t charge any fee for this, asking instead for 20% of the profit from any sales (we only make money if your anthology sells)

Our Contract

To make sure you’re comfortable with the arrangement, feel free to have a look over the contract we’d ask you to agree to. There’s no small print to hide anything, and we’re confident that all our terms are fair and clear for everyone.

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