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Episode Five – Scott's Burial, A Small Life, and Pigeon English The Bandit Fiction Podcast

This month we're super excited to bring these three wonderful works: Scott's Burial by Brendan Shea, read by D.G. Champkin A Small Life by Joe Butler, read by David Gregory Clark  Pigeon English by David Cook, read by Daniel Hubbard We've also got an interview with 'A Small Life' author Joe Butler (who is, incidentally, one of the first writers we ever published!) where we talk to him about his writing processes and the story itself. This episode, as well as everything we do, is made possible by our wonderful Patrons: David Brown, Steven Thompson, Jake McAuliffe, Randy Workman, Kevin Bonfield, Zac Copeland-Greene, Joe Butler, Ryan Walravan, Ola Ismail, Gary Evans, Sophie Raine, Danny G. Champken, Sam Huish, and Piers Pennington. If you like what we do, why not consider supporting us from as little as £1 a month. You can find out more here: https://www.patreon.com/banditfiction
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