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An interview with… Sam Richard

I do have a writing routine. Monday through Friday I go to work from eight to three then I come home, eat, and afterwards write. I usually write until 11. On weekends I wake up, eat breakfast, write for three/four hours, take a shower, eat again, then write for the rest of the night. Once I finish a piece, I edit it with the same routine.


About ten or so years ago I found the idea of indie publishing quite intimidating – I didn’t think I was up for the challenge of doing the grunt work by myself but fast forward to today, I feel really comfortable with it all.

An Interview With… Carl R. Jennings

The next thing that inspired this story is what worlds and characters can be opened up by examining the small details. There are many times, I’ve found, in books and movies where such meaningful parts of a story are ignored for the “grand scheme.”

An Interview With… Stephanie Rabig

My elementary-school librarian remembers me to this day (I’m nearing 40) because I tried to check out Dracula in kindergarten. I’m pretty sure that was foreshadowing for the rest of my life


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