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An Interview With… Beverley Lee

There’s been a wonderful influx of new writers into the horror fold over the last few years. From all walks of life. Diverse, intelligent writers with their own stories to tell, driven by how they view their world and fuelled by their backgrounds and experiences. I think we’ll see a break away from some of what is considered horror, with more emphasis on cosmic horror, body horror and cross overs into noir. And, of course, the horror of a post-apocalyptic world, with the political climate and the environment. It’s a very sobering thought that this last one might be more fact than fiction.

An Interview With… David Turton

I think historical horror is something that needs exploring more. There’s nothing more frightening that the dark capabilities of human beings over the course of history. There have been acts of pure evil over the centuries, and these acts continue in present day. My current work-in-progress explores the experience of a psychic with telekinetic powers who finds himself in a concentration camp. The setting of real-life evil is going to be an interesting one to draw out. It’s rather like Carrie meets the Boy in the Striped Pyjamas if that makes sense. So I think drawing on the real horrors of the past is a bit of a gap in current horror.

Interview: Sandra Arnold

Sandra Arnold is an award-winning writer who lives in New Zealand. She has a PhD in Creative Writing from CQ University, Australia. She is the author of a book on parental bereavement, Sing no Sad Songs and two novels, Tomorrow’s Empire and A Distraction of Opposites. Her short stories and essays have been widely published […]

Interview: Joe Butler

, I wanted to write a dark fairy story around a theme of loss. I had the initial idea about a grieving mother finding a book on her child’s bookshelf that she didn’t buy, and it leading into a fantastical mystery. I also wanted to leave it open ended enough, so there is room for interpretation as to whether or not what she believes happened actually did.

Interview: Seb Jay

Seb Jay is an Illustrator/Artist hailing from the Fylde Coast in Lancashire. After earning a BA Hons in Illustration from UCLAN and spending the last few years working in Graphic Design, he has recently decided to re-enter the world of art and illustration. He enjoys creating artwork and illustrations that capture the seemingly ordinary, trivial […]

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