Out of all the things we do, there’s little doubt which is the most rewarding; having the chance to publish great pieces of fiction is the reason Bandit Fiction was founded in the first place, and since day one, there’s been no better feeling that being able to publish people’s stories. We’ve even had the absolute honour of being the first publisher to show off the works of some great new and emerging writers to the world.

We Accept


Between 250 and 3500 words


No more than 50 lines in length

Narrative Non-Fiction

Between 250 and 3500 words

All submissions may be previously published or unpublished, be under consideration elsewhere, and your name may appear on the documents. All we ask is that submissions are in the English language, that they are in a sensible, readable font, and that you make no more than three submissions during any two month period.

The submissions we accept will be published direct to our website as part of The Read More Project. For any submissions we choose not to accept, we offer free feedback on request (more details of this will be included in your email response).

If you’d like to get a flavour of what we publish, you can check out our latest publications below, or browse our full back catalogue here.

The Meeting by Rachel Grosvenor

Yes, he responds. He already knows what type of questions you will ask, he has already answered the same kind of questions many times. The cinema will do just fine, especially if it’s an old movie. A matinee. People will have seen it before, they won’t mind a little light chatter.

The Great Sales Races by Josh Oldridge

“Is she going to get us out of this hole?” Gary asks, though not seriously. If he was asking a serious question he’d stare at his duty manager to press for a serious answer, but instead he continues sorting paperwork.