Out of all the things we do, there’s little doubt which is the most rewarding; having the chance to publish great pieces of fiction is the reason Bandit Fiction was founded in the first place, and since day one, there’s been no better feeling that being able to publish people’s stories. We’ve even had the absolute honour of being the first publisher to show off the works of some great new and emerging writers to the world. Currently, we have two different ways we publish stories: Bandit Fiction Presents… and Read More.

Bandit Fiction Presents… is our longest running publication. Currently about to release its 6th issue, it publishes short fiction and narrative non-fiction alongside artwork in affordable digital issues. Since its first release, a free-to-buy Pamphlet of short stories, we’ve been lucky to publish some fantastic works covering a range a subjects. We’re biased, sure, but we honestly think there’s something for everyone in every one of our issues.

Read More is one of our latest projects, and is something we’re very excited about. Designed to engage newer readers and readers on the go, Read More will regularly release free short stories on our website, showcasing some amazingly talented writers to all the world. Unlike our other publications, we also accept previously published work for Read More.

If you’re interested in submitting to either (or both) of our publications, you can find all the information directly below.

Bandit Fiction Presents…

We accept:

  • Fiction between 250 and 3500 words
  • Narrative non-fiction between 250 and 3500 words

All submissions must:

  • Be written in the English language
  • Be previously unpublished, excluding personal blogs
  • Be anonymous. Your name cannot appear anywhere within the document, or in the filename
  • We accept no more than 2 stories at the same time

Submissions are open:

  • 1st January and 30th April
  • 1st July and 31st October

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Read More

We accept:

  • Fiction between 250 and 2000 words

All submissions must:

  • Be written in the English language
  • Be anonymous. Your name cannot appear anywhere within the document, or in the filename
  • We accept no more than 3 stories at the same time

We allow:

  • Previously published works. As long as you have the right to publish it, we’re happy to consider it

Submissions are open:

  • From 1st October 2020

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Information about our poetry submission period is coming soon

Please do make sure to read over our submission policies carefully. As volunteers, we only have limited time to do everything we need to do for Bandit, and as such, we can’t allow our time to be taken by submissions which don’t adhere to these policies. Therefore, we reserve the right to reject, unread and without response, any story which does not adhere to our guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I submit the same story for your website and issues?

As long as your story meets the submission requirements for both our website and issues (they’re slightly different), then yes, you can. There’s no guarantee though that, if it’s accepted, it’ll be accepted for both. We have different pools of readers for our website and issues, and readers are assigned randomly, so your story could be accepted for one but not the other.

When will I hear back if my story is being accepted or not?

We aim to reply to all submissions within 4 weeks. However, that isn’t always going to be possible (please remember that all our staff are volunteers and have other commitments). If you haven’t heard from us after 5 weeks, please message us and we’ll look into it.

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