Out of all the things we do, there’s little doubt which is the most rewarding; having the chance to publish great pieces of fiction is the reason Bandit Fiction was founded in the first place, and since day one, there’s been no better feeling than being able to publish people’s stories and poems.

We have three separate publication opportunities – The Read More Project, Outlaw Verse, and Bandit Fiction Presents… – each with their own unique traits, designed to reach different audiences, and with different submission requirements.

Bandit Fiction Presents… was our first ever publication, and in the two and a bit years since we published our free Pamphlet, it’s been an outlet jampacked with brand new fiction and narrative non-fiction, available as easy-to-download and very affordable ebooks (and hopefully in paperback form in the near future) and accompanied by some truly beautiful artwork. If you’ve got a never-before-published story that you’d love to see featured in one of our issues, BFP… could be its forever home.

Outlaw Verse is our newest venture, and it sees us dipping our toes into the world of poetry. We have a special team of poetry experts and enthusiasts eager to read previously published poems. For those we choose to publish, they’ll appear in short digital chapbooks. And, if this proves as successful as we’re hoping it will, we’re eager to branch out into paperback, palm-sized chapbooks as well. Keep a close eye on all the Outlaw Verse news, as with this kore than anything else we do is likely to have thematic requirements for submissions.

The Read More Project is designed to do exactly what the name suggests; we want to get as many people as possible reading your fiction. To do this, we publish stories straight to our website, free for everyone to read. We also accept stories that have been previously published elsewhere; as we said, we want to offer writers the chance to have their stories read by as many people as possible.

If you’ve read up about all of our opportunities and are ready to submit your stories and poems, please take a final second to ensure they meet our submission guidelines. Are we accepting submissions at this time? Is your work within the word count? If there’s a theme, does your work meet it? We hate to send out rejections simply because our guidelines haven’t been followed, so please give yourself and your works their very best chance to be published.

Wonderful! Now, just click below to submit.

Thank you very much. Our team of eager readers will look over your works as soon as they’re able, and we’ll be in touch (via email) as soon as we’ve made a decision. This can take up to four weeks (we try our best to read all submissions as soon as possible, but as a team of volunteers, sometimes that can be longer than anticipated), and if you haven’t heard from us by this time, please feel free to get in touch – we’re most responsive through social media.