Out of all the things we do, there’s little doubt which is the most rewarding; having the chance to publish great pieces of fiction is the reason Bandit Fiction was founded in the first place, and since day one, there’s been no better feeling than being able to publish people’s stories. We’ve even had the absolute honour of being the first publisher to show off the works of some great new and emerging writers to the world.

Currently, we have two different ways we publish stories – Bandit Fiction Presents… and Read More – and we’re working on a third, poetry publication. Each publication has different rules, accepts different submissions, and publishes in different ways, so please make sure to read all the information before submitting. Our publications will only appear on this page if they’re currently accepting submissions.

Did You Know?

We offer free feedback on request for any story we choose not to publish.
We work with authors to copy-edit their story before it's published.
You'll get a discount code for our store just by submitting to us.


Read More is a simple project with a simple goal: we publish short bursts of fiction straight to our website, in the hope of attracting as many readers as possible. There’s nothing greater than knowing that people are reading the strange little machinations of your mind that you’ve scribbled down and made real. It’s that sentiment that’s at the heart of the Read More project.

Submission Periods

Submissions are open and they’ll stay open. We want to publish stories all year round, every two weeks.

A Little More Information

We only ask that you follow these four simple rules:

  • It’s a work of fiction (no poetry or non-fiction, please)
  • It’s between 250 and 2000 words long.
  • Your name MUST NOT appear on the document, including in the filename.
  • It’s written in the English language (US spellings are fine).
You might also like to know:
  • We accept submissions that have been previously published.
  • We’re happy to accept submissions currently being considered elsewhere.
  • You can submit up to 3 stories at any time.

Submit to Read More

We'd love to see your story on our website and show it off to the world.

What Others Have Said About Us

'I'm very new to starting out and everything about Bandit was very welcoming. Sharing personal work is quite scary and it made a big difference.'
'It feels like a nice little quaint publishing family.'
'I have a great vibe from your group and hope we can collaborate in the future.'
'I feel like they care about the artists/writers they are working with.'

Curious What Kind Of Works We Publish?

Why not pick up one of the issues we've previously published?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Submission Charge?

We don’t charge submission fees for any of our projects. We believe strongly that opportunities should be open to as many people as possible.

When Will I Hear back About My Submission?

We aim to respond to all submissions within 4 weeks. However, this won’t always be possible, and so be patient with us. If you haven’t heard anything after 6 weeks, please feel free to message us.

How Do I Get Feedback For My Submission?

If we chose not to publish your story, you’ll receive full details in our email reply. 

What's The Difference Between Read More and Bandit Fiction Presents...?

On the surface, these projects may look similar, but there are key differences which make each distinct. The main aspect which distinguishes them is the method of publication they lead to: BFP stories are published in a digital anthology, while Read More stories are published online. That means that Read More stories are likely to receive more readers, while BFP stories come in a beautiful anthology (soon to be available in print via Amazon). The other main difference is that we see BFP as publishing only unseen work, which means that previously published work isn’t accepted, and we ask for a 6 month exclusivity on any piece we publish. Read More, on the other hand, is open to previously published work, and we don’t ask for any exclusivity. 

Do You Pay For The Works You Publish?

As a not-for-profit, volunteer-ran company, I’m afraid we’re not able to pay for the works we publish. Any and all money raised, either through the sales of our issues, editorial services, or donations, goes straight towards paying for running costs. Any extra money we make goes towards growing the company, gaining extra exposure for the works we publish.