Support Us

We try our best to be a self-sustaining publishing company, keeping running costs to an absolute minimum, but the stark reality of things is that we’re only able to keep doing what we do with the support of our amazing readers and followers. And we love what we do: we’ve supported vast amounts of new and emerging writers through free feedback, and we’ve supported our published writers by giving their work the widest readership possible, publishing all works free to our website for everyone to read.

You can support us on Patreon for just £1 a month. It’s a small amount that adds up incredibly quickly at our end.

What your support allows us to do

Here are just a few things we’re able to do by having your support:

  • Offer free feedback on request for all unsuccessful submissions
  • Produce a monthly podcast
  • Grant free advertising space to small creative businesses and practitioners
  • Never charge for submissions
  • Provide a platform for bloggers to release their work
  • Continue to publish multiple works each week

And here’s what we’re looking to do with increased support

  • Offermore detailed feedback and editorial services for free
  • Host ebooks on our website for everyone to read
  • Extend our readership through targeted marketing campaigns
  • Develop our website so more can be offered, such as projects looking at experimental fiction or hosting reviews of the works we publish