Rise and Shine! by Hannah Miodrag

Welcome to your Emerald Rated (Level 4) Bumper Subscription Pack! We’ve got some top-notch treats for our loyal subscribers, themed around Earth’s sister planet – just for us ladies! Our affordable, tailor-made subscription packs are carefully designed to complement your busy life and natural cycles. So when your skin, your job or the planets are getting you down – give yourself a boost! And if everything seems to be on your side – give yourself something to celebrate!  Continue reading Rise and Shine! by Hannah Miodrag

We Still Don’t Use The Garage by SJ Townend

We have our happy routines: Job Centre on a Monday, Wetherspoon’s on a Thursday, kebabs on a Friday at the start of the month, then beans with a flipped egg to garnish when the giro runs dry. The boys keep the kitchen clean and I do the lounge. The bathroom is no man’s land – it’s functional, but you wouldn’t want to be trapped there for longer than needs be.  Continue reading We Still Don’t Use The Garage by SJ Townend

Where Have All the Flowers Gone? by Robert Lumsden

Though the Outcasts were apprehensive of The Towers, few could resist the strange longing they compelled. Nobody should hold themselves to blame for this, the Ultras taught. Lusting after the cold and distant reminders of their loss of paradise was no sin provided each Outcast understood the shining obelisks for the harbingers of hell they truly were.  Continue reading Where Have All the Flowers Gone? by Robert Lumsden

Birdie by Rebekah McDermott

My plucking had gotten very bad by then and I was starting to wonder if my flesh was trying to speak to me. It would mutter to me, not only at night, but also in the day, when I was listening to customer’s voices. The tweezers were much too harsh to use on my eyelashes and so these I removed, gently, by pulling them out with my forefinger and thumb. I pulled up my jumper to look at my stomach, noting how my hips jutted out at sharp angles, how my breasts slumped, barely filling the cups of my bra. There was satisfaction in the harsh curve of my collar bone and the spareness of my skin. Continue reading Birdie by Rebekah McDermott