The Team

It’s no understatement to say that everything we do is driven by and only possible through the hard work and dedication of our volunteers.

Who We Are

The Management Team

Greg Forrester

Greg (he/him) is Managing Director and Co-Founder of Bandit Fiction. He has BA and MA degrees in Creative Writing from the University of Sunderland and Newcastle University respectively, and is currently working towards a PhD in Creative Writing. He writes, mostly magical realism, and has been published by Fairlight Books.

Alisdair Hodgson

Alisdair is Editor-in-Chief at Bandit Fiction. As both a writer and editor, he is interested in the transgressive and postmodern, and his own poetry, prose and entertainment articles can be found in various magazines, anthologies and online publications. He also takes a keen interest in animal rights and frequents Twitter @Youthanised

Daniel Hubbard

Daniel (he/him) is Podcast Manager at Bandit Fiction. He is a Biomedical Science Graduate, ex-Creative Writing Society president, and amateur historical re-enactor. He applied for Bandit Fiction for his love of reading work from other aspiring authors, and decided he may as well do something productive with that love. He is currently in the process of writing his first novel, and producing a system for table-top roleplaying games.

Michael Bird

Michael Bird (he/him) is the Feedback and Editorials Manager at Bandit Fiction. He is a Romania-based writer and journalist, with stories published by Bristol Short Story Prize, Storgy, The University of Huddersfield Press and Bandit Fiction, among others. As a journalist, he has investigated the last convicted vampire hunter in Romania, Donald Trump’s dealings with Kazakh oligarchs, home-made killer drugs in Georgia, and, currently, how Covid-19 spreads among migrant workers in meat-packing factories across Europe.

The Team

Anthony D. Redden

Anthony D Redden (he/him) is a horror & science-fiction author and movie reviewer. He is based in the heart of England and most usually found behind a computer screen with a cup of coffee. He has also been known to narrate audiobooks and write movies. He has an MA in creative writing.

AJ Martin

AJ (she/her) is an American writer based in central Connecticut. A graduate of the University of Minnesota and Brandeis University, AJ’s work has appeared in U of M Parachute, Aloud, and Pilcrow & Dagger, among others. As a writer with a disability, AJ is a fierce supporter of inclusive storytelling and publishing. Her interests include exploring the dark and fantastical through the lens of institutional ableism. You can find her on Twitter @alyssajaymartin. Website forthcoming.

Sam Burt

Sam Burt (he/him) is a bookseller and tutor in sunny east London. In 2021 he finished an MA in Creative Writing at the University of Manchester and founded the East London Indie Book Club. His writing has appeared in Popshot Quarterly, the Guardian and 3:AM Magazine among others. He considers badminton a contact sport.

Nick Dunn

Nick (he/him) is a writer currently living in Cardiff, where he graduated longer ago than he cares to admit with a BA (Hons) in History. When he isn’t writing about films or very loud music, he is working on his first novel. He is responsible for the weekly email updates, which he hopes you enjoy reading.

Nicola Rose

Nicola is currently working on completing an MLitt in Creative Writing at the University of Strathclyde, after graduating in 2020 with a BA (Hons) in Creative Writing and Journalism with English. She reads and writes short fiction with a dark, surreal twist (think Kirsty Logan and Daisy Johnson). After university, Nicola hopes to publish a short story collection and work in copy-editing. Her favourite font is Garamond and she knows all the words to every Taylor Swift song.

Rani Elvira

Armed with a sack full of words and a pair of stout boots, this intrepid writer has few qualifications in Creative Writing. Having haunted the halls of learning, Rani (she/her) gained a BA and an MA and is currently engaged in further research. Accompanied by a horse (he/him), she wanders the woodland ways in search of inspiration. Reaching into her scrip, she pulls out a piece of well chewed vellum, spills ink and blood, marks the nature of her misadventures in bitter gall. Fairy tale, fable, fantasy, myth and crime all entangle, entwine her. Will she write her way out of this tangle?   

Vic Nogay

Vic Nogay is a proud Ohioan with a BA in Creative Writing from Denison University. A writer and reader of poetry and fiction, she is especially into hybrid and micro. She is also an animal cruelty investigator and a mother. Find her on twitter @vicnogay.