The Team

It’s no understatement to say that everything we do is driven by and only possible through the hard work and dedication of our volunteers. We started with the goal of creating additional opportunities for new and emerging writers, and we’ve adopted that philosophy with our recruitment. Publishing is notoriously difficult to get involved in, with many unable to because of location, education, finances, and a plethora of other reasons, and we wanted to do what little we could to help combat that. Our volunteers are all hugely interested in writing and publishing, and by working with us, have the opportunity to gain valuable experience to help them in the future.

If you’re interested in joining our team, you can find more information here.

Who We Are

The Management Team

Greg Forrester

Greg (he/him) is Managing Director and Co-Founder of Bandit Fiction. He has BA and MA degrees in Creative Writing from the University of Sunderland and Newcastle University respectively, and is currently working towards a PhD in Creative Writing. He writes, mostly magical realism, and has been published by Fairlight Books.

Letitia Payne

Letitia Payne (she/her) is Submissions Manager at Bandit Fiction. She is a short fiction writer with a degree in Acting from Falmouth University. Her background in theatre has sparked a keen interest in gender identity within Greek Classical literature that she likes to weave into her contemporary fiction. Longlisted for the WOW! Women On Writing Flash Contest and published by Bandit Fiction, Letitia is currently working on building her portfolio and obtaining further study in Creative Writing and Classics. Also very big on cats.

Alisdair Hodgson

Alisdair is Editor-in-Chief at Bandit Fiction. As both a writer and editor, he is interested in the transgressive and postmodern, and his own poetry, prose and entertainment articles can be found in various magazines, anthologies and online publications. He also takes a keen interest in animal rights and frequents Twitter @Youthanised

Michael Bird

Tom Conaghan is Deputy Editor-in-Chief for Prose at BaMichael Bird (he/him) is the Feedback and Editorials Manager at Bandit Fiction. He is a Romania-based writer and journalist, with stories published by Bristol Short Story Prize, Storgy, The University of Huddersfield Press and Bandit Fiction, among others. As a journalist, he has investigated the last convicted vampire hunter in Romania, Donald Trump’s dealings with Kazakh oligarchs, home-made killer drugs in Georgia, and, currently, how Covid-19 spreads among migrant workers in meat-packing factories across Europe.

Daniel Hubbard

Daniel (he/him) is Podcast Manager at Bandit Fiction. He is a Biomedical Science Graduate, ex-Creative Writing Society president, and amateur historical re-enactor. He applied for Bandit Fiction for his love of reading work from other aspiring authors, and decided he may as well do something productive with that love. He is currently in the process of writing his first novel, and producing a system for table-top roleplaying games.

AJ Martin

AJ (she/her) is Blog Manager at Bandit Fiction, and an American writer based in central Connecticut. A graduate of the University of Minnesota and Brandeis University, AJ’s work has appeared in U of M Parachute, Aloud, and Pilcrow & Dagger, among others. As a writer with a disability, AJ is a fierce supporter of inclusive storytelling and publishing. Her interests include exploring the dark and fantastical through the lens of institutional ableism. You can find her on Twitter @alyssajaymartin. Website forthcoming.

The Team

Zoë Wells

Zoë Wells (she/her) is a Swiss-British writer and poet based in the UK. She is currently studying towards an MA in Creative Writing at the University of Manchester, having previously received her BA in English Literature and Creative Writing from Warwick. She is working on a debut historical fiction novel, alongside a poetry pamphlet, and has had her short fiction and nonfiction published in a number of magazines. Find her on twitter at @zwells_writes or visit her website.

Hughey Herbert

Hughey Herbert (He/Him) is an animator, painter, and writer from Buckinghamshire, England. Outside of working as a freelance motion designer and admin, Hughey spends his time with as many creative hobbies as possible. He got some artwork into Tate Britain once, and made a music video for one of his favourite singers. Currently trying to find enough time to read political and philosophical essays, find new sci-fi and fantasy worlds, write his first novel, and play the banjo 

Anthony D. Redden

Anthony D Redden (he/him) is a horror & science-fiction author and movie reviewer. He is based in the heart of England and most usually found behind a computer screen with a cup of coffee. He has also been known to narrate audiobooks and write movies. He has an MA in creative writing.

Chiara Pistillo

Chiara (she/her) was born in Italy in 1994, then fell in love with the UK and moved to London. She’s a reader, writer, translator and traveller. While working in finance, Chiara dreams of a career in journalism and publishing – work in progress.

Tamsyn Christie

Tamsyn Christie (she/her) grew up in Manchester and is currently a student at the University of Glasgow, currently working towards her MA in Classical Civilisations. She enjoys creating short stories and writing within limitations. She is especially fond of science fiction and realism and often brings these genres into her work.

Esther Clyde

Outside of her day job as a manager for a local charity, Esther (she/her) spends her spare time putting the world to rights and getting excited about books over on her blog at ‘’. When she’s not reading or blogging, she can usually be found exploring the Northumberland coast, at a rock concert or eating pizza.

Olaitan Humble

Olaitan Humble is a writer and editor at The Lumiere Review. A Pushcart Prize nominee, his work appears/forthcoming in Chiron Review, HOBART, Superstition Review, Ethel Zine, and Luna Luna Magazine, among others. He is currently an undergraduate at the University of Lagos. Instagram/Twitter: @olaitanhumble.

Harry Wilding

Harry Wilding is a broadband communist who used to make short films. He has started writing prose and poetry again instead due to the smaller budgets involved. He is studying for a Creative Writing MA in Nottingham and is gradually beginning to get some work published (see:

Sam Burt

Sam Burt (he/him) is a bookseller and tutor in sunny east London. In 2021 he finished an MA in Creative Writing at the University of Manchester and founded the East London Indie Book Club. His writing has appeared in Popshot Quarterly, the Guardian and 3:AM Magazine among others. He considers badminton a contact sport.

Nick Dunn

Nick (he/him) is a writer currently living in Cardiff, where he graduated longer ago than he cares to admit with a BA (Hons) in History. When he isn’t writing about films or very loud music, he is working on his first novel. He is responsible for the weekly email updates, which he hopes you enjoy reading.

Mike Hickman

Mike Hickman (@MikeHicWriter) is a writer from York, England. He has written for Off the Rock Productions (stage and audio), including a 2018 play about Groucho Marx. He has recently been published in EllipsisZine, the Blake-Jones Review, Bitchin’ Kitsch, the Cabinet of Heed, the Potato Soup Journal, and the Trouvaille Review. 

Rani Elvira

Armed with a sack full of words and a pair of stout boots, this intrepid writer has few qualifications in Creative Writing. Having haunted the halls of learning, Rani (she/her) gained a BA and an MA and is currently engaged in further research. Accompanied by a horse (he/him), she wanders the woodland ways in search of inspiration. Reaching into her scrip, she pulls out a piece of well chewed vellum, spills ink and blood, marks the nature of her misadventures in bitter gall. Fairy tale, fable, fantasy, myth and crime all entangle, entwine her. Will she write her way out of this tangle?   

Betty Doyle

Betty Doyle (she/her) is a poet and student from Merseyside. She has both a BA and an MA in Creative Writing from Lancaster University, and is currently studying for a Ph.D in Creative Writing from Manchester Metropolitan University. The topic of her research is infertility in contemporary women’s poetry. Her poems have been published by Cake, Lunate, Another North, Give Poetry a Chance, and are due to appear in Agenda. She was longlisted for the Mslexia and Poetry Book Society Women Poet’s Prize in 2018, judged by Carol Ann Duffy. She was poetry editor for Flash Journal Lancaster from 2014 to 2016. Her debut poetry pamphlet, ‘Girl Parts’, is to be published by Verve in March 2022

Saffron Bailey

Saffron recently graduated from University College London with a degree in English. She enjoys a wide range of literature, from Medieval mysticism to the 1960s Avant-garde, but her research is mainly concentrated on the Victorian Period and early 20th century. She is interested in interdisciplinary studies and particularly enjoys exploring the influences of philosophy and visual culture in literature.

Jennifer Elmslie

Jennifer Elmslie (she/her) is from the Silver City Aberdeen. She loves reading and writing and hopes to one day to become a writer. She enjoys going to the library and loves rummaging through charity shops for new books to read and looking after her cat, Jess

Danny Adams

Danny Adams (he/him) is a writer & poet based in Hampshire. He likes to explore all kinds of things in his writing but generally leans towards the dark, the weird, the surreal. You can find examples of his work on his website, social media & a number of other places in which he has been published, such as Splendid Fred Magazine and the poetry podcast, Lung Party.” 

Brittney Uecker

Brittney Uecker (she/her) is a librarian and writer living in central Montana with a Master’s of Arts in Anthropology. She writes all lengths of fiction and dabbles in prose and poetry. She is currently working on a novel about punk rock, class, and sexuality in present-day rural Idaho – it includes lots of broken teeth. Her work has been published by Waste Division and Stone of Madness Press. She is growing into her true Scorpio nature and embracing extremes and perilous authenticity. She is @bonesandbeer on Twitter and Instagram.

Rebecca Youé

Rebecca Youé (she/her) is a professional book editor and aspiring author from Worcestershire. She has a degree in English and American Literature from Keele University and has worked in the publishing industry since graduating in 2012. She is currently on the reading panel for the Highland Book Prize and is working on her first novel in her spare time.

Gillian Doyle

Gillian (she/her) is fourth year English and History student at Trinity College, Dublin, and has taken every Creative Writing module she was able to. She would copy-edit for fun if that weren’t horribly sad, so instead she copy-edits for TN2. She has written for TN2 herself, and for Trinity News and Trinity Film Review, and is hoping to add to that list. Her favourite genre is horror.

Rosalyn Sword

Rosalyn is based in York, and has a BA and MPhil in Linguistics. She writes short fiction, and enjoys reading work that makes her think.

Vic Nogay

Vic Nogay is a proud Ohioan with a BA in Creative Writing from Denison University. A writer and reader of poetry and fiction, she is especially into hybrid and micro. She is also an animal cruelty investigator and a mother. Find her on twitter @vicnogay.

Devon Lee

Devon hails from Philadelphia and moved to the UK in 2013. She studied French and Russian at the University of St Andrews before receiving an MA in Translation Studies at Durham University in 2020. She currently resides in London, working as a bookseller and freelance translator and writer. Her favourite genres include history, fiction, travel writing, literary criticism and all things translated. Her dream job is to work in translation publishing and hopes to have some of her translations published in the future. You will most likely find her in a cozy coffee shop (or pub), nose-deep in a book. Twitter @devdlee

Emilia Randall

Milly (she/her) currently lives in East London. She’s trying to soak up as much of the media industry as possible in the hopes of one day, becoming a more permanent, concrete part of it. She has recently graduated from Bristol with a BA in English Literature. With a goal of investing in as many genres as possible as far as her personal reading goes, she hopes to lend this expertise to our contributors.

Jack Goldingham Newsom

Born in New Zealand but currently living in Paris, France, Jack (he/him) can be found philosophising in the cafes of Europe. Currently working on a novel tying in themes of anxiety and poverty, as well as various politico-philosophical pieces, Jack is a keen writer and critic – as well as loving to cook! He has a degree in philosophy from KU Leuven in Belgium.

Michael A Arnold

Michael A. Arnold is a graduate of the University of Sunderland and Northumbria University. He is based in North East England, and has previously published essays and short fiction. His influences include George Orwell and Robert Frost.

Natasha Nutall

Natasha (she/her) lives in London and has aspirations of becoming a writer (don’t we all!). Her dream would be travel the world and write about anything and everything, but for now she works at a theatre in East London. She has a BA in English Literature from the University of Bristol, and her favourite writers are James Baldwin, Nora Ephron, and Maggie Nelson.

Callum Cooney

Callum Cooney (he/him) is a procrastinating poet and sporadic short fiction writer from Yorkshire. He graduated from York St. John University with a first-class degree in Creative Writing and English Literature and is currently working towards a PGCE. Some of his inspirators include John Cooper Clarke, Franz Kafka, and Kate Tempest, whose perspectives on societal strife and quotidian absurdity inform his unique outlook on contemporary culture.

Kate Wilkinson

Kate Wilkinson is a fiction writer who grew up between New Zealand and Scotland. She is currently working as an editor in Edinburgh while writing a collection of short stories focused on relationships, grief and love. She recently completed her MA in English Literature, and enjoys rock climbing and mountain biking on Scotland’s non-rainy days. You can find her on instagram @sakaterah

Sophie Raine

Sophie Raine (she/her) is a Sunderland University graduate and is currently a PhD candidate in English Literature at Lancaster University studying Victorian penny fiction and the Gothic. She enjoys a writing prose and poetry and recently, has started recording spoken word poetry.

Amber Spalding

Amber (she/her) is currently a third year English student at the University of Suffolk. As an avid bookworm, she enjoys all works of literature but is particularly interested in the gothic genre, speculative fiction and philosophy. Outside of her studies, you will usually find Amber in the library, travelling, or taking sunset pictures. After University, she seeks to continue her studies in Literature, exploring how socio-political factors influence the literary canon.


Ebube is a creative writer from Nigeria. She is especially fond of African story telling and often brings that into her work. She intends to get her MFA in creative writing soon, until then she experiments as a product designer. Some of her favourite writers are Ada Límon, Sonia Sanchez, Lesley Nneka Arimah and the untouchable, James Baldwin. You can find her on Twitter:@justebube

Izzie ‘Denmark’ Flynn

Hollowbone Storyteller, Izzie “Denmark” Flynn, is a laconic fabricator with a sad knack for melancholy & provocative narratives. Living by her exhausted typewriter she churns out vomitus prose, novels and scripts by oil lamp. Her favourite books are Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry & The Shootist by Glendon Swarthout. She is a writer, actor & filmmaker living in South Wyoming. She grew up outside Bristol, UK. @_izzieflynn 

Camille Lewis

Camille Lewis is a fledgling writer and avid reader who lives and learns with borderline personality disorder. She is currently working on her debut chapbook and can be found indulging heavily in the life and works of Plath or crossing off days on a calendar until the next instalment of the ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ series is released. Camille resides in South West England and tweets from @camiwriteswords.

Zak Asgard

Zak Asgard began his writing career at his secondary school in London, releasing a pamphlet of poetry in 2018. The following September he began his degree at the University of Bristol, where he studies English and Philosophy. Throughout his time at Bristol, Zak Asgard has written and directed two full length plays, as well as being booked to perform at the Lyra Festival in 2020, before it was postponed due to COVID-19. He hopes to continue his writing career in Bristol after he graduates and looks forward to working on upcoming projects.

Shelby Anderson

Shelby (she/her) is an aspiring writer originally from Alaska, USA. She studied English and Creative Writing at the University of Alaska, and was published by the local journal Icebox.
Shelby enjoys fantasy, magical realism, and intersectional genre fiction, along with the odd thought-provoking nonfiction. She is currently undergoing the creation of a fantasy series in her spare time, and works toward her desire to become an editor in publishing. She can be found on Twitter @sanderson_ak.

Nicola Rose

Nicola is currently working on completing an MLitt in Creative Writing at the University of Strathclyde, after graduating in 2020 with a BA (Hons) in Creative Writing and Journalism with English. She reads and writes short fiction with a dark, surreal twist (think Kirsty Logan and Daisy Johnson). After university, Nicola hopes to publish a short story collection and work in copy-editing. Her favourite font is Garamond and she knows all the words to every Taylor Swift song.

Jennifer Fox

Jennifer Fox is a western New York native and MFA candidate at Lindenwood University. In addition to her role at Bandit Fiction, she is also a staff reader for Thirty West Publishing House. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Stanchion, Door is a Jar, Across the Margin, The Daily Drunk Mag, The Write Launch, and others. Find her on Twitter @jennfoxwriter.

Anita Markoff

Anita Markoff (she/him) completed an MA in English Literature -Film and Visual Culture at the University of Aberdeen and got a distinction in a Creative Writing Masters there. Her poetry and reflective essays have been published in Spilt Milk, Re-analogue, Meanwhile, and Quarter Life magazines; Dime Show Review Volume 3 Issue 2, and Every Writer’s Resource. Film criticism has been published by the Screen Queens, Light Leaks, and Bloody Women Film Journal. Femme but not fatale, she spends her time tending to her plants and daydreaming about being featured in a fantastical realism fiction course fifty years from now.