Reclaim: An Anthology of Women’s Lives

On the 3rd of March 2021, Sarah Everard disappeared from a street in South London. Over a week later, her death was confirmed. The circumstances around Sarah’s tragic death have struck a chord with women all over the world, bringing issues of everyday safety which women have been aware of for years into the mainstream discourse.

We want to try and do everything we possibly can to support the freedom and safety of women around the world, which is why we’ll be releasing a special publication to raise money to support a small number of charities doing amazing work. This publication will only include works we’ve published previously by writers who identify as female, and all works included deal with themes of consent, the body, abuse, empathy, and healing.

Virtual Launch – Monday 25th October, 7pm UK time

Reclaim: An Anthology of Women’s Lives

Meet Me When Your Hair Is Shorter by Courtney Kerrigan-Bates
The Hypnotists by Genevieve Jagger
Rep by Gwenda Major
Late Bloomer by Shelby Crane
The Long Hop by Rebecca Lawn
After They Fall Asleep by C. E. Aylett
Matches by Debbie Hudson
The Good Mother by Amy Barnes
Mrs Brown’s Spell by Ola Mustapha
Root Rot by Melissa Martini
Family Portrait by Lisa Deane
Anatomy of a Home by Zoë Wells
Plaid by Lindz McLeod
Willow by Linda McMullen
How Are You? by Amy Stewart
For Your Own Good by Lina Carr
Ode to a Dream Catcher by Makaila Aarin
At Your Earliest Convenience by Remy Maisel

Coming 25th October 2021
Artwork by Taliha Quadri

The Charities

The charities we’ve chosen to support are Rosa UK (who manage the Sarah Everard Fund), Women’s Aid UK, and WriteGirl, based out of LA. While we certainly hope you purchase our special publication and donate to these amazing charities that way, there’s no need to wait – each of these charities do amazing work, and you can donate and support them today.

Future Plans

It’s our hope that this will be the first of many special issues supporting charities around the world working towards supporting those in need and instigating vital change. By publishing your work with us, you could have the chance to help raise money for wonderful causes; similarly, if your work wasn’t selected for this issue, it may well be perfect for the next.

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