Every Story Has A Beginning…

Hi guys!

My name’s Dan. I’m a freelance editor for Bandit Fiction, and starting today, I’ll be rambling here as well. Given that the theme we’re currently accepting entries for is writers in education (as an aside, if that interests you, you can find more info here; https://banditfiction.co.uk/writers), it seems fitting for me to tell you a little of the experience of guiding so many promising writers in education.

As you may or may not know, I run the Creative Writing society at Coventry University. I’m just now going into my second year of running the Society, and there have been several trials and tribulations involved, but beyond those, it has been a truly wonderful experience. Over the next few posts, I’ll tell you about the day in, day out of running (and being part of) such an organisation, and maybe if you too are a writer in education, you might seek out or create your own society.

I wish you luck in all your endeavours, and we’ll speak again soon.


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