Rep by Gwenda Major

Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric from Pexels

I can’t deny I got a bit of a shock when I first saw her lying there. Right next to the bins. The rep had been wrapped loosely in an old tarpaulin, but somehow it had fallen open. I pulled the tarp aside a little more and saw that she had one leg bent underneath her body, eyes closed, her uniform intact but smudged with dirt.

I knew there was no point checking; it was obvious she had been phased down. But I couldn’t help thinking that even for Victor it seemed a callous way to dispose of her. A lack of basic respect.

I stared down at her face, the exact replica of mine. Same hair. Same complexion.

I remembered that Victor had been quite secretive about her.Said he just needed her for administrative work in the business. After the initial data transfer there was no need for me to get involved he said. So I didn’t. It’s best not to argue with Victor. I used to try but I learned my lesson.

I began to walk away feeling sad. There was nothing I could do. After all she was disposable.

Slowly a thought trickled into my mind. I retraced my steps. Knelt down. Turned her right wrist over to check for the distinctive interlocking R symbol of a rep. But there was nothing. I checked the left wrist just in case. Nothing.

Slowly I rotated my right wrist and there was the symbol. Clear. Unmistakeable. I touched her arm. Took one last look. And started walking.

This story was originally published by Bandit Fiction as part of the Bandit Fiction Presents… series of digital issues. These issues remain freely available, and by purchasing one, you’ll be supporting us to continue doing what we love doing: bringing the best works from new and emerging writers to the masses.

About The Author

Gwenda’s short stories and flash stories have featured in numerous publications, both print and digital. She has written four novels and two novellas: her novella Offcomers won first prize in the NAWG Open Novella competition in December 2016.

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