How Could You? by Hazel Urquhart

I tried to tell you, once,
at least I think I did unless
I confused the hollow sound 
of silence with my own voice.
An honest mistake. The intention
was there, or almost, perhaps
a barely formed ‘oh!’ in my chest.
‘It’s the thought that counts’,
isn’t that what they say? Only
my thought, this thought,
doesn’t know how to count,
or speak, what do they say
about that? Forgive me,
how could you know
what they say, or what I almost
say, or don’t. What I hold so
close it fuses with my skin
and becomes a part of me
too precious to reveal.
How could you ever know that?

About The Author

Hazel is a poet/writer based in the Highlands of Scotland whose writing reflects everyday life, relationships, and the importance of emotional and mental wellbeing. She is in her fourth year studying Creative Writing with UHI Inverness, and has had work published with Northwords Now , Scottish Book Trust, Poetry in Public and 192 ezine.

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