lucky in love by Becca Fang

Photo by Etienne Girardet on Unsplash

Trust me;
though I seem to be
the beneficiary of lipstick stamped letters
and dove feathers,
love’s plagues do not evade me.

I have been caught in the frog rain,
followed mascara streams down steaming drains
and come out rat-mauled, oozing flu.

I have let her stub cigarettes on my brain,
trained myself to answer to wrong names,
believed a flock of falsehoods to be true.

I have dabbled in desperate, dirty things,
knelt for jesters dressed as kings,
pretending to be fooled, although I knew.

I have fashioned epic ballads out of flings,
disgraced myself for want of rings,
followed traitors till my feet bled through my shoes.

Trust me;
though I seem to be
the escapee of axe wielding cheats
and thirsty leeches,
love’s violence does not evade me.

Perhaps it would, if only
I would stop chasing it.

About The Author

Becca Fang is a Belfast-born, Brighton reborn writer with a flare for magenta-drenched melancholy. In her time away from being a poet and novelist, she can be found faffing about in outfits that make old ladies say, “Oh. That’s a bit different.”

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