How Are You? by Amy Stewart

Photo by Des Récits on Unsplash

I’m alright, thanks – although now you ask

I do feel a bit,
you know,
like the last layer
tougher than the rest
stretched tight over my drum
has ripped –

and out come
all the things I can’t say
unseen things
that can’t find the words to fit them
shapeshifters –
I can’t pin down in any tongue
a whole sea of shape
undulating and erupting – painless, silent

Sorry, thanks for asking

This post is brought to you by
The Odds Against a Starry Cosmos
 by Abby Bland

The Odds Against a Starry Cosmos explores the intimacy of human relationship and growth against the backdrop of the natural world, moving through moments of grace, brokenness, and wonder.

Published by Perennial Press

About The Author

Amy Stewart is a freelance copywriter by day, writer of feminist, speculative fiction by night. She recently completed an MA in Creative Writing at York St John and is currently studying for a PhD at the University of Sheffield centred around female circus artists. Amy’s work can be found in Undivided Magazine, The Aurora Journal and Ellipsis Zine, and she also received a Highly Commended Award in the 2019 Bridport Prize for her short story, Wolf Women. She’s most often found ambling around the Yorkshire countryside with her partner Phil and rescue dog, Wolfie.

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